Corigem® Sold Exclusively Online by Easyology Pets

  is a topical wound & infection care formula that is strong enough for horses, but gentle enough for your smaller pets. Our line of animal wellness products assist in the healing of a variety of dermatological and auto-immune skin conditions and is sold in the form of a spray and cream.

five stars

Corigem cream gets a 6 star rating( if there was a 6 star)

I’ve practiced veterinary medicine for 35 years now and used a lot of topical wound products etc. Corigem cream is our go to products for wound healing in dogs cats horses etc. Weve used it for several years now and our clients rave about how well it works all the time. I’ve even used it on myself on quite a few occasions with outstanding results.

– James R.

five stars

Works very well

I used this balm on one of my cats who has very sensitive skin, she did not like me putting it on her, she fought me every step of the way, but once i managed to get some on her bald spots it seemed to really help. She wasn’t trying to chew those areas where I rub the balm on nor did she scratch for a while. After a day or two her hair started to grow back and she was nice and soft.

– Katt

five stars

so good -the cream is really helping with small wounds/cuts

So far, so good -the cream is really helping with small wounds/cuts on my GSP’s legs. Even though he’s monitored, it’s nice to know the product is safe if he happens to lick it off.

– Christen


Corigem ® is made by nature and is safe to use on horses. It is a special formula of a proprietary blend of Brazilian Propolis blended with certain propagated roots and flowers from one of the purest environments on the planet, the Brazilian Rainforrest, the formula assist horses in healing from a variety of frustrating dermatological conditions, including bacterial, fungal, external allergy and auto-immune skin issues.


Corigem® can be used on all pets & animals for anything from wounds to a multitude of skin issues including ringworm, fungal irritations, scratches, hot spots & more. All of the products are pH balanced and contain natural ingredients. Using Corigem® on your pets & animals will ensure their health and happiness.


Research shows it offers antiseptic, antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, and even antiviral properties.(1) Corigem® is nature’s premiere preventive through its proprietary blend of Brazilian Propolis demonstrating strong antimicrobial properties against various bacterial and fungal infestations. Even streptococcus bacteria have been shown sensitive to Corigem®(2). With traditional treatment, hot spots usually take more than a week to heal. This took 24 hours with Corigem® spray to start healing, and 48 hours for the owner to see a full recovery.(3)


I was approached by one of our daughters, Laurel Roberts; she told me about a product that she had discovered. Laurel said it would assist in curing of fungus, which attacks the heels of horses and also body fungus, a huge problem in the horse industry. Immediately, I set up a project to test this new and supposedly super product called Corigem®.

Throughout the course of my life I have been involved with many causes and often I have written that my life’s goal is to the leave the world a better place than I found it for horses and humans. What better way could I work to meet my life’s goal than to encourage the use of a product that is as effective as Corigem ® was purported to be and this is what I learned:

The scientists behind Corigem ® have found a nature-made healing gift from a species that no one before seemed to appreciate: a species of very busy bees that will improve the lives of humans and animals together. Somehow nature finds a way to reward us in our quest for the truth, and the truth is that we need to return to the earth as much as we take.

Since I was a very young man, all animals have played an important role in my life. With that in mind, it’s fair to say that I am obsessed with creating the best world possible for these wonderful partners. Clearly, a healthy animal is more likely to be happy than an unhealthy one. I am constantly testing supplements, medical aids and state-of-the-art equipment designed to improve the lives of animals.

In this research model with Corigem ®, I reached out to the equine community to provide hard test cases of horses that acquired chronic heel and body fungus. It was amazing how many we found. These horses were compromised to the extent that any riding and training had to be curtailed as their affliction was totally debilitating.

One of the horses was a valuable eight-year-old dressage mare. She had acquired heel fungus, also known as scratches or mud fever two years prior. Everything had been tried, yet she remained in a chronic condition for more than 24 months. When her trial treatment with Corigem ® cream began, I was encouraged right away, but completely astonished to find she had absolutely no sign of fungus with four days of application.

As I watched these conditions fade – and I tell you I am not one who believes in magic – but this experience was something you would expect from David Copperfield. The problem disappeared before my very eyes. Further horses were tested and all of the test horses have continued to be free of the fungus with very light ongoing prophylactic treatment. None of the fungus has returned with a total of 12 horses on test at my Flag Is Up Farms.

This experience immediately took my mind to problems with my own skin. At 76, as might be expected, I have developed certain sensitivities to shirt collars, probably from starch. I thought to myself, why not try it and began to apply Corigem ® cream on the back of my neck and chest. To my amazement the sensitivity was gone within four to five days. I now use a tiny dab at night and there has been no further discomfort.

The fact is Mother Nature knows what she is doing and each of earth’s creatures has a reason for being here. No creature is too small not to play a positive role in the lives of all animals. The healing properties of Corigem ® are phenomenal, and whether it is horse, dog, cat or any animal, a cut or an abrasion will heal faster and leave less evidence of its existence than I’ve ever experienced.

The studies of Corigem ® complete with photographs are literally overwhelming. Anyone reading this must be able to feel the extent of my excitement being connected with such an Eco-care and Eco-friendly product and the future that it promises. I am honored that this Company has chosen to accept my assistance and allow me to become a spokesperson worldwide for something as important as Corigem ®

Sincerely, Monty Roberts


Corigem ® Balm

In 4 oz. & 10 oz.

$24.95 $29.99

Corigem ® Balm

The cream creates a vehicle allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed into the skin, while giving barrier protection and skin conditioning properties to skin surface that has lost its integrity. The product is paraben–free.

Corigem ® Serum Spray

In 4 oz. & 10 oz.

$24.95 $29.99

Corigem ® Serum Spray

Corigem ® is a superior formula that assists animals in healing from a variety of frustrating dermatological conditions, including bacterial, fungal (yeast and ringworm), allergic and auto-immune skin issues. Corigem ® contains a proprietary blend of Brazilian botanicals that can be used for everything from wounds to skin issues. The blend of ingredients added to the active Corigem ® allows it to be highly bio-available when placed on the skin.