Cat Pizza Toy Hall of Fame!

It’s a Pizza Party And Your Cat’s Invited!

Have you been looking for that perfect cat toy?


You know the one…


It’s the toy that keeps your cat engaged, entertained and excited for hours on end.


The toy that they NEVER get bored with.


The toy that provides a VARIETY of fun and games for your cat to enjoy…


Well we were looking too.


But we couldn’t find it…


So we created it.


Introducing The Easyology Pets Cat Pizza Toy!


That’s right…a pizza toy!


Why Pizza?


Because a pizza in a box with ALL the toppings is the perfect combination of stimulating fun, endless enjoyment and captivating curiosity.


The Easyology Cat Pizza Toy comes complete with a pizza box, soft round pizza and five crazy plush ingredients including…

Meet The Ingredients_Easyology Pets Cat Pizza Toy

Tom The Tomato – a fun loving guy with one mission…to keep your cat purring and in perpetual bliss. Tom is known for his saucy personality and is always the life of the party. His favorite quote is “if tomatoes are classified as a fruit isn’t ketchup technically a smoothie”?


Chester Cheese – a mild mannered laid-back playmate for your cat. Chester will always be there to give your cat the attention they deserve. Chester is known for his various talents and worked as a fondue consultant for The Melting Pot prior to joining the Easyology Team.


Pete The Pepperoni – Pete was born and raised in New York City. When he was younger Pete had plans to make it on Broadway. Unfortunately, his inability to sing and dance forced him to try his hand at writing plays. Unfortunately, after his first play “I am Pete” was rejected he was forced to work on a catering truck. Ironically the truck was parked on Broadway so in essence he did make it to Broadway.


Kitty with Pizza Party Cat Toy

Molly The Mushroom – Molly is known for her zany personality and fun-loving spirit. Her greatest joy is spending time with your cat and her soothing and almost mesmerizing ability to get and keep your cat’s attention for hours on end is legendary. We recommend you monitor your cats playtime with Molly.


And Ollie The Onion – Ollie joined the Easyology Team after an exciting career in Television. He’s been featured on several cooking shows and was once the wining dish on Americas Top Chef. He’ll have your cat crying for joy and is dedicated to entertaining your cat for years to come.


Together they’re the Pizza Posse and they have one mission…


To keep your cat happy and FULLY engaged.

Your Cat Will Love Them

The pizza and the five members of the pizza posse are stuffed and SUPER soft.

Your cat will love them!


What's more...


The pizza and ingredients come in their own PIZZA BOX.


And guess what?


Cat’s LOVE boxes!

It’s sure to be your cats FAVORITE toy.


Because your cat can…


  • Attack, chew, scratch and chase the pizza posse members all day long…trust me they love it.


  • Your cat can use the super soft, plush pizza crust as their own little nap cushion…giving them one more place to nap.


  • And who ever met a cat that doesn’t love a good box?



Don’t Let Your Cat Miss The Party!


You didn’t think we’d have a party without refreshments, did you!

No Way!


The Pizza Toy comes complete with catnip


But not just any catnip… we call it pizza catnip and it’s unbelievably durable and made to last a lifetime!


Strong And Sturdy

The strong materials and the advanced manufacturing processes ensure that the cat toy will remain soft and as good as new, no matter how often your cat plays with it.

Are You Ready to RSVP for the Pizza Party?

Then what are you waiting for?  Get your hands on the Easyology Pets Cat Pizza Toy before our supplies vanish!

Tom, Chester, Pete, Molly and Ollie can’t wait to meet your cat!


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