Why Do Cats Act Crazy?

Have you ever noticed that so much time is spent on dog behavior, dog training, teaching dogs’ tricks and how to understand dogs?

I sure have.

And it’s because of this focus on dogs that most people have a pretty good understanding of dog behavior, dog expressions and what exactly dogs are trying to tell us.

Even if you don’t study it.

For example, we know what a wagging tail means, we know the different types of barks, we know when a dog wants to play with you or bite you and we know we can teach them how to sit and lay down pretty easily.

But what about cats?

Well, that’s a different story altogether. Cats, as you know, are known for their aloof behavior and the fact that they’re difficult to read. It’s almost as if they do it on purpose.

But that’s all starting to change.

There’s a growing understanding that cats are actually just as expressive as dogs are. We just don’t know how to read them yet. Which may very well explain their disdain for us most of the time.

When trying to decipher cat code, a meow or different tail movements can mean a lot of different things.

Their purring, meows and even the way they look at you all and communicate something unique.

And if you have any hopes at all to better communicate and connect with your cat, then some experts are now saying that you should really start paying more attention to the way they act.

We all know that cats are independent by nature, most of them anyway. And it’s because of this “I don’t need you” attitude that much of their behavior remains a mystery.

But as a cat lover who desperately wants to connect with your cat, there are ways to decipher their actions, including all those crazy things they do.

You know what I’m talking about…

No matter what kind of cat you have you’ve witnessed them running across a room, meowing, running around chairs, jumping up on things and simply acting weird.

They dart around, up and down stairs, jump on tables almost as if they were chasing something or being chased.  

This behavior can also happen at night and it often does. And I guarantee it also happens even when you’re not around. Many cats, however, like to include you in on the fun and never miss the chance to attack your foot, bat at your hair or climb up your leg.

So why do they do this? Well, for lots of reasons really.

crazy cat

Reasons Why Your Cat Acts Weird

Cats, as you know, are full of predatory instincts and some of this odd behavior could be them exhibiting hunting behaviors, fighting and territory maneuvers, and escape techniques.

Even house cats who have every meal served to them, still have these deep-rooted instincts and sometimes because of all of their pent-up energy they exhibit the strangest behaviors of all.

Any cat toys that you may have like mice, feathers and laser pointers are great ways to help your cat get these hunting urges out of their system. When they stalk, jump, grab and chase things, they are being true to themselves and their innate urges.

This is especially important if they don’t ever get to spend any time outside.

Another common reason for weird cat behavior is the fact that your cat is nocturnal. Which means that they are MUCH more active at night. And if they didn’t get enough exercise or play time during the day…

…good luck trying to sleep.

Most house cats spend their days alone while their owners are away, and because of the lack of stimulation, many of them sleep during the day.

And when their owner returns at night, it’s GO time.

So, don’t be surprised if from the moment you walk in the door your cat acts like they’re crazy. Especially if you’ve given them no other way to use up all that pent-up energy.

If your cat is older, then it may be that their behavior is due to some type of age-related cognitive issue or early signs of senility.

Much like humans, as pets age, their brains also function differently. This can cause a wide range of behavioral issues that are difficult to explain.

Other times your pet may be acting strangely due to a problem with fleas or because they have an itch.

If you think this could be the issue, make sure you treat your cat immediately for fleas and ticks.

It’s also a good idea to treat the entire house and especially any areas they frequent especially bedding.

Wash pillows, sheets and vacuum the rugs. 

You may even want to use a flea bomb in your home. And of course, remove your cat from the house if you do.

Pain and other discomforts can also cause your cat to act strangely. If the behavior is out of the ordinary you may want to them to the vet.

In general, cats can exhibit a wide range of odd behaviors, and as a responsible cat owner, it’s your job to decode that behavior and make sure they’re safe and healthy.

It will also help you bond with your cat.

Because, by better understanding why your cat acts a certain way, the easier it will be to give them what they need to live a long and happy life.