What Your Cat Sitter Needs to Know

Cat Sitters Are Great if You Show Them the Way

Before leaving your pet with a sitter, you’ll want to come up with some things that he or she should know about your cat. Every animal is unique and your furry baby is no different. Your pet will likely be afraid of whomever you have come in to take care of him or her. You can prevent them from being spooked and running out the door by telling your cat sitter how to approach your beloved feline.

Here are some of the things your cat sitter needs to know:

Your Cat’s Personality

How does your cat behave? Is he or she old and sleepy or young and rambunctious? Does your pet warm up to new people quickly? Is your cat one to dart out the door when he or she sees a stranger? Inviting the cat sitter into the home prior to you leaving so they can meet your cat is ideal as it allows both to become acquainted with one another.

Your Contact Information

If something was to happen, how would the sitter reach you? By phone, text or Facebook message? You know the best way to get ahold of you. Relay that information to the cat sitter so that they’re able to reach you if they have a question or if something unusual happens while you are away.

Where Everything Is

You may want to draw out a map of your home so that the sitter knows where to find the things your cat needs while you’re away. You can put this information in a binder with your contact information and leave it on the kitchen counter by your cat’s food. Label everything that is hard to differentiate. For example, if you keep dry cat food in one plastic container and kitty treats in another, use a letter or number system to keep things straight. Or if you use cat litter box liner bags, just be sure the sitter can find them!

What to Do in the Event of an Emergency

Include details about your veterinarian including their name, address, and phone number, any allergies your pet has, what meds he or she takes, the type of food they eat, and any special requests you have for their care. Add information about what to do in the event there is an emergency. Include the phone numbers for poison control inside the binder you’ve created. Supply the sitter with another person to contact in the event they are not able to reach you immediately. Prepare in advance for your trip by thinking about all the things you cat sitter will need to know. Create a list for yourself that you can check off prior to traveling. This ensures that you’ve covered everything you’ve needed to discuss before leaving for your trip. It also gives the cat sitter something to refer to if questions arise while you’re away.

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Have the items that your sitter needs on hand to make it easier for them to provide excellent care for your cat while you’re away.