What to Do for a Pet Who Has Dandruff

What to Do for a Pet Who Has Dandruff

Dry, flaky skin can on dogs and cats be cured easily through these five actions.

There are many possible causes of your pet’s dandruff. It can be due to dry air, poor nutrition or even allergies. The skin condition, although harmless, can become annoying for dogs and cats as well as the humans that care for them. If you notice that your pet’s skin is dry and flaking off, it’s time to treat the animal before the skin condition worsens.

You don’t want your pet scratching or biting at an area of their body that is dry and itchy. This can cause many problems that worsen without treatment. Knowing that lack of moisture in the body is the source of the problem can help you choose a plan of action to eliminate the issue rather than treat the symptom.

You can do the following things to prevent and eliminate dandruff on a dog or cat.

Up their fat intake.

Make sure that your pets are getting plenty of Omega3 Fatty Acids in their diet. The amino acids are responsible for keeping the skin supple and the coat moisturized and shiny. If you can’t include foods rich in Omega3s in their diet, choose a supplement formulated especially for pets. Salmon oil is one option that enhances the flavor of dry and wet dog and cat food.

Use a dandruff shampoo to treat the issue.

Purchase specially-formulated shampoo to treat the dry, flaky skin. Keep in mind that dandruff products for humans aren’t necessarily safe for canines and felines. Buy your pets their own bottle of shampoo to use to treat the skin condition.

Invest in lotions with colloidal oatmeal in them.

There are lotions meant for pets that contain this skin-soothing ingredient. Apply a generous amount of the product to the dog or cat’s dry skin. If the area seems irritated, opt to use Corigem balm instead.

Make bathing routine.

Dogs and cats should be given baths from time to time. Make sure not to bathe them too often, however, because it can disrupt their skin’s pH balance. Also, use warm, not hot water, because it zaps excess moisture from their bodies.

Brush your pet regularly.

This practice helps distribute the natural oils produced by your dog or cat’s skin. You’ll want to invest in a medium-bristled brush that helps untangle fur and keeps it free from burrs and other outdoor nuisances. Brushing regularly helps fight dandruff and keeps your pet’s coat looking shiny and healthy.

Treat pet dandruff effectively by following the advice listed above. Use Corigem products to soothe dry, flaky, and irritated skin. Your dog and cat will stop scratching the affected areas on their body, and you won’t need to worry about scarring because the product minimizes the appearance of scars by boosting collagen production.

Easyology Pets stocks Corigem spray, balm, and cream because of its effectiveness in treating skin conditions in dogs, cats, and horses. It can be used regularly without fear of side effects because it is steroid-free. It’s an effective treatment for soothing red, dry, and itchy skin on pets.