How To Turn Your Grumpy Cat Into a Happy Cat

When your cat was a kitten, it was probably very easy to keep her entertained. Just get a flashlight, a laser pointer, some string or a set of keys and she would play until she fell asleep. Once your cats become adults, they may need a little more stimulation to keep them entertained. Here are some tips for playing with and entertaining adult cats.  


Provide Outdoor Access
If you can and are comfortable allowing your cat to spend some time outdoors, that is a great way to keep them entertained. They’ll experience new sights, smells, things to scratch and climb, other animals and different perspectives. If you have an exclusively indoor cat that you can’t let outdoors, at least give him access to windows and different viewing points so he can see the outdoors. Place perches by windows and make sure your cat can see out of windows all around the house or apartment.

Have Them Hunt for Food

Cats are actually natural predators, so keep them entertained by tapping into that instinct. Instead of making all food and treats easily and readily available, make your cat work for her food. This will keep her entertained and help her get some exercise. Hide food throughout the house and use a treat-dispensing toy that your cat has to play with in order to get a morsel. You can also use an automatic food dispenser that releases food at different times to keep her on her toes.

Let Them Explore

Your cat is going to get bored of the same toys, rooms and sensations day in and day out. Try to switch up the sights, smells, sounds and things your cat encounters to keep his curiosity piqued. Let your cat roam the house on a regular basis, instead of confining him to one room or area of the house. You can also introduce new toys for your cat to learn. Cats also love paper bags, cardboard boxes, chasing small ping-pong balls, and playing on elevated surfaces. Make sure to provide your cat with lots of ways to play.

Get Them Friends

While cats my not be as social or pack-like as dogs are, having other cats or creatures to interact with will help keep your kitty’s mind occupied. Having another pet in the house provides company and entertainment all the time, even when you’re not home. A constant playmate who speaks their language can engage with your cat on a level you may not be able to.

Spend Time With Them

Adult cats aren’t as easily entertained as kittens. They need more advanced stimulation and activity than a feather or a string. You’re grown cat may need more actual time with you than a kitten would. You don’t need to constantly be playing. Sometimes even just snuggling and petting while you’re watching TV is enough for them. Your cat may not be as amusing as she was as a small, curious kitten, but she’ll love and value the time with you just the same.