Top 5 Cat Grooming Tools That Will Change Your Life

Some people love their cold showers. Others are soothed by warm baths. But cats? They don’t like grooming. At all. Except when they’re the ones doing it to their selves. Fortunately, there are now plenty of grooming tools and aids that will keep our fur babies soft and smelling fresh without requiring us to engage in a possibly bloody and screechy war every single time.

Top Cat Grooming Tools Should You Get Today

So what cat grooming tools should you always have ready?

Shedding Brush or Mitts

Unless you have a virtually hairless cat like the Sphynx, you will need a brush to keep those furs from invading your furniture and posing a health risk to you and your family. For short-haired cats, a soft bristle brush or dual-sided comb will do. For medium-haired cats, a slicker brush and brush mitts are necessary.

Finally, for long and dense-haired fellows, an ultimate brush such as the FURminator is a must. This deshedding tool comes with fine steel teeth that reach beyond the topcoat and eliminate loose undercoat hair.

Shedding Brush and Mitts Are a Must for Long Haired Cats

Nail Caps and Trimmers

For the love of all that is holy, do not declaw your cat! Unlike with humans, cat’s nails or claws don’t grow back once removed. Even worse, it impairs their balance and makes many of them insecure, eventually resulting to aggressiveness and spraying.

Instead of declawing, you can either cover your cat’s claws with soft nail caps or trim them. For the latter, you have two basic options:
Traditional clippers—this is mostly available in scissor form.
Electric grinders—easier to use but may require some getting practice.

Be sure to check out our post including the 5 Easy Tips for Cutting Your Pet's Nails.

Cat Wipes

Looking for something to clean off the dinner mess your feline pal made on herself? Maybe you want to reduce loose hairs without getting eye daggers or scratched by your cat? Then use cat wipes!

Just like common baby wipes, cat wipes are generally made hypoallergenic, with soothing and moisturizing ingredients aimed at decreasing grease, taking out odor, and cleaning saliva.

Waterless Bath

We all know how terrified some cats are of baths. Instead of subjecting them to this torture every time, why not opt for waterless baths more often? Typically available in shampoo form, this leave-in formula is created for aquaphobic felines. Made with ingredients like oatmeal, aloe vera, and neem oil, it helps clean, detangle, and moisturize fur.

Just a quick reminder, though: it’s not a total replacement for bath, especially for long-haired cats. Rather, it’s an alternative—an item to use in-between full grooming.

Brush Kitty's Teeth to Keep the Dentist Away


“You don’t have to brush your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep.”

That’s one dentist quote we should all keep in mind. Unfortunately, our cats aren’t exactly keen on getting a non-food thingamabob stuck to their mouth. But be persistent! Brushing your cat’s teeth will not only keep plaque and tartar away. It will also help you detect early signs of oral diseases like gingivitis.

Grooming doesn’t need to be a constant battle between you and your lovely cats. With a bit of patience, a lot of love, and the grooming tools we shared with you above, grooming should be a fun and rewarding experiences.

Do you use other grooming tools, which you think are much more effective than those on our list? Don’t be shy and share them with us here!