Thanksgiving Safety for Cats

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow and if you’re planning on having family or friends over to your home then there are some things you’re going to want to keep in mind if you have a cat.

That’s because there are some REAL dangers associated with Thanksgiving.

Dangers that may pose a threat to your cat. 

But don’t worry, a few simple precautions will keep your cat safe and still make your celebration a success.

Safety Precautions for Cats on Thanksgiving

Cut Flowers, Plants, and Bouquets

Everybody loves a well thought out centerpiece and bouquets and cut flower make particularly beautiful ones. However, some of the most beautiful plants and flowers can also be quite harmful to your cat, maybe even deadly.

Lilies are one example because all parts of lilies are toxic to cats and even in small amounts can cause death.

And while lilies are known to be one of the most dangerous when it comes to your cat, there are other plants and flowers that can also be harmful.

If you’re curious, you can go to the ASPCA website, they maintain a full database. And if you’re not sure, it’s always a good idea to leave the suspect plant or flower out of your centerpiece or at least out of your cat’s reach.

Candles, Tart Warmers, and Fireplaces

One of the joys of the holidays is the aroma of scented candles and the roar of a fire. Cat’s can be curious, and these open flames can pose a fire hazard to your cat if your cat gets too close or accidentally knocks them over.

Tart warmers can also be dangerous and because of either an open flame or liquids that are too hot, they too can cause trauma to your cat.


Much like the scented candles, potpourri can also create a beautiful, scented aroma in your home. The problem is that potpourri contains herbs and oils that may be toxic to your cat if they happen to ingest them.

If you’re using potpourri, make sure it’s hidden well and not within your cat’s reach.

Table Foods

While many cats don’t beg, there are those that do. Cats also have varying sensitivity to table foods. It’s always a good idea to mention to guests that you’d rather they didn’t feed your cat from the table. If you don’t mind feeding your cat table scraps, at least instruct your family and friends what is safe for your cat. And make sure to keep turkey bones away from your cat as they can cause serious injury.


Strings and Other Linear Foreign Bodies

Strings, ribbons and other similar items are common in decorations and can cause serious injury to your cat. Often cat’s will swallow these items and they can become caught in their digestive tracts, sometimes causing damage that cannot be repaired.

During Thanksgiving, these dangers also present themselves in the form of the strings that often come with your turkey or ham. These can be especially tempting due to their aroma.


If your cat isn’t used to you having a lot of people in your home, they can become very nervous and scared. This may cause your cat to inadvertently feel the need to flee. Make sure whenever the door is opened that your guests are aware of your cat.

If your cat does get out, make sure they have a cat collar with proper identification. Also, things like microchipping can be a big help. It may be too late to do that this Thanksgiving but keep it in mind for the remainder of the holidays.


Cat’s can be easily spooked and will often become very tense, anxious and nervous with all of the holiday commotion. Whenever their environment changes, there is the possibility that they may suffer from stress. Stress, in turn, can actually cause disease in cats, so you’ll need to do all you can to minimize your cat's stress.

If your cat is prone to stress and anxiety, make sure they have their own place to go. Somewhere that is safe and quiet, away from all of the noise.

Proper Planning Will Save the Day

This time of year is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, but nothing can ruin it faster than a sick, injured or missing cat.

A little preplanning and thought can help you avoid any mishaps or accidents and these same suggestions can be used throughout the holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give Thanks on Thanksgiving