Here’s a Quick Way to Stop Cat Litter Tracking Forever


Let me share my little secret with you: I’m a crazy cat lady.


Well, maybe not exactly how some people depict us kitty lovers, but I go all gaga when I see meowing bundles of fur. Their elegant gait, their soft voices, and their general adorableness just never fail to make me smile.

As much as I love them, however, my life with them had been a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. I can’t count how many great memories I’ve made with my feline family, but I can certainly tell you my pet peeves when it came to living with them.

See, if you’ve been living with cats for years like me, then you know they can be quite the slob. They’re clean freaks when it comes to their bodies and their kitty litter boxes, but other than those two areas, they just shrug their tiny shoulders when they see the mess they created after going to the bathroom. It was a recurring source of headache for me.

There were times when I wished they could stand up on their two legs and go brush the floor, the carpet, and the furniture of their sandy tracks.

Unfortunately, they can’t, and so, my endless search for a magical potion--one that will instantly get rid of cat litter tracks with just a spell or a flick of the wand--began. In my dogged pursuit, I came across various stores and a plethora of products, all touting that they were the solution I had been looking for. It took me months of research and tens of products before I found the miraculous solution that saved me from going crazy cleaning litter tracks numerous times a day.

I’ll reveal the miraculous solution later. For now, let’s discuss the good-but-not-good-enough products I’ve tried and you’re probably considering.

Cat Litter Problems

First, I tried changing the litter to one with a heavier composition as I read that they tracked less. Cats didn’t like it (of course, they wouldn’t-- that little royalty), so I went to build a fortress around their litter boxes. I initially thought about placing the cat litter box in the tub as many do, but my senior cat wouldn’t find that pleasant.

So off I went to build a cardboard castle. My fortress looked clumsy--because I’m no DIY expert--but it did reduce the litter spread around the box’s immediate surrounding. Unfortunately, I couldn’t say the same for the litter tracks around the house.

Then I turned to fancy cat litter box furniture. They looked pretty and were said to blend well with other furnishings. Sadly, I found that most of them came with an exorbitant price tag--one was even marked at $2000! I couldn’t afford that much, but I nevertheless gave it a try: I got a cheaper piece made for the same purpose but cost only $50. I was so giddy at the thought that all my litter woes would finally be fixed that I was literally bouncing up and down in the living room while waiting for its delivery.

You could probably imagine my disappointment when I received it and found out it was minuscule; my medium-sized cat couldn’t fit in it without contorting her body. There was no way it could contain the litter box, so I decorated it with a small blanket and a pillow and called it a cat lounge.

With barely any money and patience left, I looked toward another option--cat litter mats.

Cat Litter Mats - The Best Solution for Litter Tracking and Spreading

I thought about first trying a DIY cat litter mat but I wasn't sure if it would be the right solution for me. If I made something myself it surely wouldn't last as long as something specifically designed to capture everything. I would still be dealing with stray bits of litter. So I decided to go with the better option.

Since this was my final option, I had to be extra careful. I looked for the best mats through my ever-reliable friend, Google, and after much deliberation settled for the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat in chocolate brown color.

I first discovered it in an online magazine listing the best cat litter mats in the market. The contenders were all great, but Easyology came out victorious with its excellent features, awesome reviews, and affordable price.

With bated breath, I waited for it to come to my doorstep. When it did, I was pretty surprised. I anticipated the large size, but at roughly $25, I couldn’t believe how durable it felt. The mat itself wasn’t too thick and the fibrous pattern was soft to the touch, but its PVC base was tough, not budging with test tugs.

 Against my dark hardwood floor, it looked natural--beautiful even. I was afraid my three cats, ages 3, 5, and 10, will love clawing and nibbling the fiber, but two weeks in, the mat still looked brand spanking new.

The only thing that changed was that the mat had lots of litter stuck in it.

Talking about litter, with the Easyology mat placed around the litter box, I noticed that virtually no cat litter made it on our carpet and furniture. Practically all stray litter was captured by the mat as the kitties went out of the box and started scratching around to clean their paws.

Using a vacuum sometimes doesn’t get all the caught litter, so I just hose it down in the garden every three days or so.

My experience with the Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat has been stellar so far, but you certainly shouldn’t take only my words for it. Go on and search for it; you will find that it has over a thousand glowing reviews.

Aside from having an awesome product, Easyology offers free shipping and hassle-free returns, so if you ever find it ineffective--which I highly doubt--you can easily get a refund.

Is The Easyology Pets cat litter mat right for you? You’ll only know once you give it a try. There’s a money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry. It just may be the best money you’ve spent in long while. You have nothing to lose here but a couple of minutes; why don’t you give it a try? :)

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