Use These 5 Smells Cats Love to Make Them Fall for You and Your New Cat Toy

Use These 5 Smells Cats Love to Make Them Fall for You and Your New Cat Toy

We have talked about the three groups of smells cats hate. Now, we will talk about the opposite—the smells that cats love like crazy.

Just like us humans, each cat is unique. They have differing preferences in smells and tastes, developed through the environment they grew in. Nonetheless, there always some smells that they can’t seem to get enough of. They turn into these funny big babies and go all bonkers, twisting this way and that, getting all talkative, or even taking the whole source of smell into a safe, private corner where they can relish the smell in peace.


Use These 5 Smells Cats Love to Make Them Fall for You

What Are the Smells Cats Love?

These are just five of the most popular smells you can use to attract cats into doing your bidding, or at least trying that new food/scratcher/toy you bought:


Well, what did you expect? Catnip is a favored herb and scent for all things cats. Not only are they offered fresh, but they’re also used as stuffing for toys. If you bought a new scratcher and want your cat to go wreck it instead of your precious sofa, then you have to give it a generous sprinkling of catnip.

One thing worth noting is that catnip affects only two out of three cats. So if your cat seemed unaffected by this smell, then you ought to give silver vine or valerian root, both of which are equally popular cat lures, a try.


Cats and Catnip are a Match Made in Heaven

Bleach and Chlorine

Maybe it’s the likeness of these smells to territorial markings or maybe it’s just the cats’ fondness for anything that smells quite fresh. Whatever it is that bleach and chlorine contains, it easily attracts felines of all shapes and sizes. So keep a close eye on your fresh laundry and your wet swim wear or you just might see your cat rolling all over it as if he’s on cloud nine.

Shampoo and Perfume

Again, cats’ predilection for clean-smelling things may be what makes them go crazy for the smell of shampoo and perfume. Don’t use that as an excuse to spray kitty with your favorite cologne, though! And don’t even think of using your favorite shampoo on him. The chemicals in them will not be tolerated by your cat’s stomach.

However, if you want to use these things to get closer to your cat, choose ones that are made with more natural ingredients and have a gentle scent.

If You Smell Fresh with Shampoo or a Gentle Perfume, Your Cat Will Love You

Plastic Bags

It has always been a mystery to me—why my cats are always curious when they see me come home with plastic bags of stuffs. They eye them with a sort of longing, and then proceed to sniffing and licking them.

As it turned out, there are several reasons why they do it

• They carry a rainbow of interesting new scents
• The bags contain materials and oils that trigger the cats’ carnivorous instincts
• The crinkling sound is reminiscent of little critters cats commonly prey on

Stinky Shoes and Socks

We all know cats are clean freaks, right? That’s why they’re fastidious when it comes to cleaning and go gaga over the smell of fresh laundry and newly-washed hair. So it might seem ironic that they actually love the smell of well-used and, therefore, stinky shoes and socks. But hold on a moment! We have an explanation for that.

You see, our feet are the part of our bodies which our cats have frequent contact with. The sweat and smell that comes out of them, filled with our pheromones, are what draws them in. It reminds them of us, the humans they love, so they bask in it like you would affectionately look at a present given by the person you love most.


Cats Are Weirdly Fascinated with Our Stinky Shoes and Socks

There are probably a million more smells we’ve missed on this post, but you can rest assured that the five above are a good place to start when searching for smells that will soothe and enamor your cats.

Are there particular smells your cats love? It doesn’t matter how common, odd, or funny you think they are; share them with us by leaving a comment below!