Should You Get Another Cat to Give Your Pet a Companion?

Should You Get Another Cat to Give Your Pet a Companion?

Multi-pet homes are easy to handle once you have the swing of things. That’s why it’s important to consider the impact two or more cats have on each other and your household. If adopted at the same time, the transition goes much smoother. If you’re not given that opportunity, it may be best to introduce one cat to another in a way that allows as much space between them as possible.

Pros of Having More Than One Cat

The pros to having more than one cat include:

Additional companionship. You’ll have more than one pet to greet you when you’re home. This is one of the most popular reasons why people adopt pets in pairs. It also makes it less lonely for your cat if he or she has a friend to play with.

The satisfaction of knowing you saved more than one life. If you’ve adopted from a shelter, you’ll feel good knowing that you gave two or more animals a forever home. Cats have fewer chances of being adopted out than dogs statistically. Adopting several pets at a time gives them a new lease on life which is an amazing feeling.

Cons of Having More Than One Cat

The cons of having more than one cat are:

Cost. The financial responsibility of having more than one animal is too much for some people to handle. That’s why it’s very important to think about how you can budget for the care of more than one animal. Each cat may have separate needs which means that you may buy two different types of food, treats, and even special skin care products to ensure their health and happiness. You can always find certain toys like a cat tunnel that are ideal for more than one cat. You’ll also have to factor in vet costs and pet insurance costs for more than one animal.Age of your first pet. If you don’t adopt at the same time, an older cat may have no tolerance for a younger cat. Keep this in mind when trying to work out the ideal situation for your home. If your senior cat is getting up there in age, he or she will not want to be bothered with a kitten. You’re better off adopting a young cat when you already have a younger cat or middle-aged cat in the home. Two or more litterboxes to clean. Each pet needs to have his or her own litterbox. There should be one extra, too, just in case the pets want to fight over this valuable piece of property. With multiple litterboxes comes cleaning them and keeping them stocked with fresh litter. You’ll also need to keep them smelling fresh by spritzing Corigem Pet Odor Spray and Deodorizer in the areas where the litterboxes are being kept.

Whether you give your cat a companion or not is a choice you must make. Having another feline in the home produces a new set of responsibilities. If you feel up to the task, you’ll find the companionship of two cats to be even better than one. You’ll be giving a homeless animal their forever home.