Do You Know These Secrets to Perfect Litter Box Placement?

Do You Know These Secrets to Perfect Litter Box Placement?

The bathroom is a private place where we relax our bodies and mind. The same goes for our cats. So while looking at and taking care of cat litter boxes may make some squeamish, especially new furry parents, you should be considerate when it comes to the type of litter box to use and the best litter box placement.

The Secrets to Perfect Cat Litter Box Placement

Where Should You Place a Cat Litter Box?

Since we have given you tips on how to choose a cat litter box, let’s go straight to spotting the best area of your home for kitty’s bathroom:

Large Accessible Space

Cats have sharp claws for defending against sneaky attackers, but you have to remember that compared to other predators and us humans, they’re teeny tiny (unless you have a Maine Coon of course)! They’re still basically a prey, and that fact makes them ultra wary when nature calls. That’s why it’s vital to look for a large space for the cat litter box placement.

Don't Force the Litter Box in a Teeny Tiny Spot

It can be any room or nook of your house. You just have to make sure that it’s wide enough to provide your cat with quick and multiple escape routes; he must have enough time to prepare and escape in case a stranger or other threats approaches. It must also be easily accessible to help your cat use the box without problems regardless of their age and health condition.

Private and Quiet

No matter how social your cat may be, he will still want privacy when doing his bathroom business. Just think about it. Will you be okay with having a door-less bathroom where people can pass by and peek? No, right?!

Kitty thinks so, too, so consider the bathroom or a spare room for the litter box placement.  If you’re living in an apartment and have a narrow bathroom, then designating a part of your living room to it will do. In open spaces, you can use curtains or dividers to keep the litter box private.

Cats Love a Peaceful Bathroom Time

Some people also think that the garage, laundry room, and hallways are suitable areas, but cats are easily surprised. The loud sounds of the car engine, washing machine, and family members can scare them and, consequently, make them want to eliminate elsewhere. So avoid these areas at all costs.

Proper Ventilation

Nobody wants to constantly smell poop, even in the bathroom. Don’t make your cat endure the foul smell of his own excrement by keeping the litter box in an enclosed space. As much as possible, place the box in a room with a window or exhaust fan—these two things quickly diffuse and eliminate cat litter odor.

Ventilation Is Key for Dispersing Litter Box Odor

Extra Tips

We’re not done yet! As a final note, consider these things when deciding the cat litter box placement:

  • An unobstructed view of the whole room where the box is placed will make your cat feel more confident since he can see everything that goes in and out of the room.
  • Don’t forget to always keep the door open. Otherwise, your cat might just hold it in and develop various urinary tract diseases.
  • Keep the litter box a good few meters away from the feeding area.
  • Make sure to have at least one box more than the number of cats you have, and place them in different parts of your home. If you have a multi-level house, there must be a litter box in every floor.

And that’s it! By keep all those things in mind, your cat will get the perfect bathroom and you will get peace of mind.

So, for you, which part of the house is the best place for a cat litter box? Do you have tips for litter box placement in small apartments? Make sure to share your ideas with us in the comment section below!