Purrfecting Playtime With Your Pet Cat

Giving your cat the physical and mental stimulation needed to remain healthy.

Playtime with your pet is the ‘purrfect’ time to introduce them to new things. It’s an opportunity for exploration that is coaxed and reinforced by you. If you have a close relationship with your cat but haven’t had a lot of time to play with them lately, there are ways to make the minutes you do spend with them count more.

Consider this a guide to ‘purrfecting’ playtime with your pet quickly, easily, and affordable. 

Encourage Exploration.

Cats are naturally curious beings who want to check things out. The next time you bring home a paper bag from the grocery store or acquire a cardboard box from a purchase, save it for your pet to play with. They’ll have a great time exploring the inside and outside of each item. Best of all, this form of entertainment doesn’t cost a dime!

Praise Desirable Behavior.

If your feline does something worthy of applause, make sure that you let them know that you’re proud of what they’ve done. Praise goes a long way in encouraging positive behavior in cats. Telling your pet that he or she is good is one way to get them to repeat an action. Positive reinforcement doesn’t always involve treats as extra pats and cooing works just as well with felines.

Introduce New Stimuli.

Cats need to have their senses engaged in new ways. That’s where unfamiliar stimuli come in. Feed them feline-friendly foods that they’ve never tried before, and give them new toys to play with such as the Easyology Pets Pizza Party Cat Toy or the KittyStick Premium Cat Toy with Expandable Rod. Finding the right toys that your pet interacts with regularly may take time, so be patient until you’ve found the perfect item for your cat.

Replace Worn Out Items With New Ones.

Over time, items start to show signs of age. Rather than try to extend the lifespan of something that is clearly worn out, why not replace the item with something new? Sure, it’s an expense but it will give your pet something to look forward to. Think about how excited you get when you’re given something new to explore and use because your cat will be thrilled with their gift, too.

New toys encourage hours of activity with or without you around. Setting up a virtual playground in the home requires little effort and can give your cat constant sources of stimuli even when there are no people around. It’s a proven way to keep your cat in great physical and mental shape because you’ve given them something to do other than sleep the day away.

Give your cat the time and attention they deserve. An investment in each ensures that they continue to be challenged physically and mentally as they age. If you haven’t had an opportunity to schedule some much-needed one-on-one time with your pet, now is the time to do so. Engage your feline friend’s body and mind by providing them with the right toys and environment to explore.