5 Things That Make Traveling with a Dog Easier

5 Things That Make Traveling with a Dog Easier

You and your pet can enjoy spending quality vacation time together.

If you want to travel with your dog in tow, there are some things that you can do in advance to make the experience easier and more enjoyable. In fact, a little preparation helps your trip go smoother. More importantly, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to plan future trips with your pet.You and your pet can enjoy spending quality vacation time together.

Here are five things that make traveling with a dog easier.

Locate pet-friendly airlines, hotels, and restaurants.

Use an app such as BringFido or a book such as National Geographic’s The Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel by Kelly E. Carter to locate the best dog-friendly travel resources. Find out which airlines take the best care of pets, which hotels welcome four-legged guests, and where you can eat when your pet is with you.

Bring along the comforts of home.

If the hotel doesn’t provide dog beds or feeding and watering bowls, you’ll want to carry your own with you. You may also want to bring your pet’s Large Thermal Pet Warming Bed, special treats, and toys with you, too, to make your fur baby feel more comfortable. Having things that are familiar to them helps ease your dog’s anxiety about being away from home.

Have a first aid kit handy in the event there is an emergency.

Keep it stocked with all the things your pet may need while traveling. Keep Corigem Spray or Cream with you to treat skin conditions. Being in a different environment may cause allergies and itchiness. Having the right products on hand to treat minor issues saves you a trip to the veterinarian.

Take a leash with you.

What better way to see all the sights than with your four-legged friend? Having a leash with you makes it easier for you to take your dog outdoors. You’re able to go on walks together to see what a city has to offer which is a bonus to exercising. It’s a great way to meet people, too, because they’ll ask you questions about your pet.

Create a file that contains important information about your pet.

There are some things you’ll want to carry with you concerning your pet as a precautionary measure. One is a file filled with your dog’s medical history, current photographs, microchip information, medications, and emergency contact numbers in the event he or she gets lost or injured while traveling.

There are many considerations and preparations to make when traveling with your furry best friend. Knowing that he or she is safe and comfortable is your number one priority. Taking the time to prepare for a trip in advance gives you plenty of opportunities to get your dog ready for travel.

You’ll be better ready for whatever happens while away from home, too, making your vacation even more enjoyable. You’ll know that your pet is in good hands because he or she will be traveling alongside you every step of the way. That’s a reassuring thought considering how difficult it can be to find a reliable pet sitter in certain areas of the country.