Looking For The Ultimate Cat Toy?

Cats are hard to keep entertained, am I right?

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve spent a lot of time AND money trying to find the perfect toy.

I’ve tried stuffed animals, toys that vibrate, toys that jump and squeal.

Sparkly toys and even glittery toys.

And each time my little Ziggy just turns his nose up at them.

Sure, they have his interest for about a minute or two…


He simply walks on by and plays with the shoe box my new Nike’s came it.

Sound familiar?

Well, I’ve got good news…

Because if you’ve become frustrated with trying to find that perfect cat toy, then I have something you’re absolutely going to love.

Or should I say your cat is going to love?

You see, I went searching high and low for the PERFECT toy…

And finally, I’ve found it.

We all know that cat’s love boxes.

But they also love things they can bite, chew and of course chase.

Which is why you’re going to LOVE giving your cat PIZZA.

No, not real pizza silly.

I’m talking about the brand-new Pizza toy from Easyology Pets.

When I came across this crazy looking toy, I was a bit skeptical.

I meant Pizza, really?

But when I read how Easyology Pets came up with the idea, I was intrigued.

You see, they simply couldn’t find the “perfect” cat toy to include in their line of amazing cat products, so they went to work researching, studying and of course playing with cats.

A lot of cats.

What makes cats tick?

The question they wanted to answer was…what makes a cat tick?

And believe it or not they found the answer in Pizza.

It seems after a long night of work (playing with cats that is) and not getting anywhere they accidentally left a pizza box on the floor.

And guess what?

The cats went crazy for it…hiding in the box, playing with the paper.

Just having a blast.

That’s when a lightbulb went off…how could they recreate that experience?

So, cats can enjoy the pure pleasure of playing with pizza.

Well as they say…the rest is history.

The Easyology Cat Pizza Toy was born

And they didn’t miss a beat.

It’s complete with…plush ingredients, a flat easy to play with and lounge on the crust and best of all it has a box.

My cat Ziggy…LOVES IT!

And I know your cat will too…

Skeptical? I mean it almost seems too good to be true doesn’t it?

A toy your cat will actually play with…really?


Here are just a few of the dozens and dozens of reviews they’ve received from Cat Pizza Toy owners…

 “I ordered two of these, one for my cats, and one for my dad's cat. It was a hit at my family's Christmas party, and my cats really love it. One of my cats, Harlequin, gets aggressive when on the 'nip, haha! I let them play with it for the day, then had to hide it, because they kept going back to it, going nuts, tossing the toys all over, and sweet Bubbeigh kept getting attacked by queen Harlequin, so a time-out was definitely needed lol. There was a slight imperfection with one of the "toppings" (yellow bell pepper), looked like smeared ink, or something, but aside from that, it's a really great quality product that I definitely recommend.


“Absolutely perfect for my new kittens! Even the older cats love these toys. I couldn't tell you what attracts their attention the most, but the kittens move from one topping to another and don't stop playing for a good long time. One kitten, in particular, loves to take naps on the pizza itself. The other likes to chew on the box, which I have now fortified with packing tape to help preserve it. I have FINALLY found cat toys that don't hurt when I step on them! Tile floors keep these toppings scooting along, too. Great fun! Great quality!”

Kasee Johnson

“This thing is great. My cat absolutely loves it. He likes to beat up the pepperoni. Good quality and quick delivery. 0 complaints. The pizza has a grippy bottom, so it doesn't slide across the floor and the toys are well crafted. Very strong material. Is standing up to a 20lbs cats beating.”

Kaella Badtke

“Best toy ever. My cats love it. They actually fight over who is going to sit in the box or play with the pizza. It is so nice to find a toy that they don't turn their nose up at. The pizza is quality material. My cats chew and scratch at it and it shows no sign of damage. They also love the toppings. They roll around the floor hugging those. lol! They did damage the cardboard box but I patched it with shipping tape and it is good as new. Not a manufacturer issue. Just normal for cardboard. I am so glad they are enjoying it. Bought a second one for my daughter's cats. Well worth the price! So glad I bought this product. Great job Easyology!!!”

Mary Bolin


So as you can see cats LOVE it!!!

…here are a few more reasons why you’ll love The Easyology Cat Pizza Toy.

  • CATS LOVE PIZZA: The cat toy consists of a big, round pizza cushion toy and 5 other stuffed toys that represent the ingredients of the pizza -Tom the tomato, Chester cheese, Pepperoni Pete, Molly the mushroom and Ollie the onion. They are hilarious.
  • THE PIZZA COMES IN A PIZZA BOX: Your cat will not only play with the kitten toys but just like my Ziggy, they will also love the pizza box! You know how cats get when they see a box – my Ziggy climbed right and was just as cozy and as happy as he could be. Every single piece of this cat toy set is fun and enjoyable!
  • THE STUFFED PIZZA MAKES A GREAT CAT BED: The round pizza toy is like a cushion, so your cat can lie on it and take a nap, or simply relax. I find Ziggy fast asleep on it all the time. You can even take the cat pizza toys with you when you leave the house so that your cat has something to keep her entertained and comfortable.
  • MADE WITH THE SOFTEST MATERIALS: Made with the softest fabric and materials, the pizza and toppings are incredibly fluffy and pleasant to touch. The materials will remain soft, no matter how often your cats play with the pizza toy and how often you wash it.
  • FINALLY - A CAT TOY THAT IS DURABLE: You know how easy it is for cats to destroy their toys with their sharp claws, that’s why they made sure that the materials they used are very durable. Trust me, my Ziggy plays hard.
  • And it comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Your cat will absolutely love the Cat Pizza Toy just like my Ziggy.

Plus, the Cat Pizza Toy will save you hours of frustration and aggravation of trying to find the perfect cat toy.

You’ll also save money on toys your cat just won’t play with.

In fact, I was so impressed with the Cat Pizza Toy and I just knew you and your cat would love it…

So I reached out to Easyology Pets and got them to agree to extend a special discount to our readers.  


I can’t recommend this toy enough. It’s certainly has given my Ziggy hours and hours of fun and I know your cat is going to love it too.

After you get yours, comment on this post and share your experiences with me. Nothing makes me happier than reading how my recommendations help make your pets life better.

And a lot more fun!

Talk to you soon…

Update: The awesome team at Easyology Pets is extending a limited-time offer just for our readers! Follow this link to get 25% off your purchase of the Cat Pizza Toy (originally $19.99.) and Free Shipping100% Money Back Guarantee.