No More Flabby Tabby

From fat cat to fit kitty.

Physical activity is essential for cats of all ages. Without it, weight gain and obesity-related diseases are common. If you don’t want to shorten your pet’s lifespan by overfeeding them or failing to give them enough exercise, there are some things you can do today to prevent that from happening.

In fact, the more aware you are of the different conditions that exist due to inactivity in cats, the better. You’ll be more inclined to take extra time out of your day to give your cat more attention. The more you play with your cat and encourage him or her to be active, the healthier and more energetic your kitty will be.

Here are some of the ways Easyology Pets encourages meaningful play time with your feline friend.

The Interactive Cat Pizza Toy Served in a Pizza Box

If your pet has an affinity for boxes, this toy will keep them entertained for hours. The cat toy looks like a pizza and comes with separate “ingredients” including a stuffed tomato, piece of cheese, slice of pepperoni, mushroom, and onion. There are many things that kitties can do with this product, too.
For example, they can bat at the ingredients, chew on them or scratch them. They can use the pizza as a cushion to perch on before pouncing on their “prey”. The pizza box opens and closes, too, so your cat can explore what’s inside of it before shutting the lid.

Among the newest and most exciting toys we sell, it’s as fun for humans to play with as it is for your pet. Share your love for one of the best foods around with your cat. It’s entertaining, interactive, and best of all, calorie-free!

Amazing Cat Roller Toy

Another fun way to keep your cat moving is with this three-level tower ball and track toy. Your cat will have a ball playing with this durable and challenging product. It challenges them to think fast and engage their hunting instincts.
It’s also safe for kittens because there isn’t anything dangling down for them to choke on. This toy is great for multi-cat households, too. It’s long-lasting and never gets old for your furry friend to play with.

There are many ways to encourage more activity in your pet. Giving them a challenging yet fun environment to play in helps spark their creativity and gets them in a playful mood. The right toys are challenging and able to be used in multiple ways. If you haven’t had a chance to buy some new items for your cat lately, now is the time to do so.

Other ways to keep your cat active is with laser pointers, fishing type toys that allow you to cast “bait” and reel it in, and catnip-filled treats and stuffed mice. Obtaining these items and using them often is a surefire way to get your cat off the sofa or the windowsill to play with you. They’ll have plenty of incentive to get up and move their bodies while pouncing, hunting, capturing, releasing, and chasing the toys that they play with.