How to Take the Perfect Photos of Your Pets

How to Take the Perfect Photos of Your Pets


You’ll know who the real star of Instagram is when you start sharing your pet pics online.

An excellent photo of your pet speaks volumes about your relationship. If you’re anything like us, you love to show off your cats and dogs to other people. One of the easiest ways to do this is through social media because nothing warms a heart more than seeing pictures of our furry friends. The Easyology Pets Facebook and Instagram accounts are full of inspiring images and messages about the joys and the responsibilities of being a pet owner.

Your Pet is the Perfect Subject for Your Photography Practice
If you love your pet, you’ll likely want to take photos of him or her often. In fact, you may find the dog or cat to be your muse, the inspiration for your own Facebook or Instagram feed. If you want to take better pictures than you already do, there a few easy tips and tricks that help you accomplish this.

Here is how to get the best quality photos of your pets with any type of camera you use.

Make good use of natural light.


As your kitty lays in the window on a sunny day, try experimenting with shots by taking them from different angles. See how the sun works in your favor by providing you with a soft, warm glow. Natural light helps capture your cat or dog’s best side. If you’re shooting outdoors, take advantage of the Golden Hour. The time before sunrise and sunset in your area can be calculated using the tool located at

Capture their personality.

Your cat or dog may be a real character. Try to capture the things that make your pet unique and lovable. For example, if your dog gets a goofy grin every time he hears the word “treat,” try to take photos that show others what you see.

Sneak in some candid shots.


The Digital Photography School offers this tip. When you’re ready to capture your cat or dog playing or doing something cute, call their name or whistle. You’ll suddenly have their attention long enough to make them alert and more photogenic.

Use props.

Gather some of your pet’s favorite things to use for your photo shoot. It could be their bed, a special toy, a cat tunnel, the Corigem product you’re using to treat them with or even their feeding and watering bowls. Tell your pet’s story through imagery, especially the items that are familiar to them.

Take the perfect photos of your pets with greater ease. Now that you’ve gotten some pointers on how to take post-worthy shots of your dog or cat, it’s time to take that advice and put it into action. The great thing about digital cameras is that you can see the photos you’ve taken instantly and delete the ones that you’re not interested in sharing.