5 Ways to Protect Your Cat from Being Lost or Stolen

5 Ways to Protect Your Cat from Being Lost or Stolen

Safeguard your kitty easily from the unthinkable.


Your cat is your baby. You consider him or her an important part of your family. That’s why it’s imperative to safeguard your pet from the different dangers that exist in the world. If you’ve kept your cat indoors up to this point, being outside in any weather can be a challenge for them.

Taking time to prepare your pet for the unexpected helps you deal with the difficult task of searching for your feline should he or she wind up missing. Knowing what to do in the situation helps you act quickly and find your pet before he or she is harmed.

There are five ways to protect your cat from being lost or stolen as mentioned below.

Way #1: Have them microchipped.

If your cat was to become missing, the microchip placed inside them by the vet or animal shelter that they came from is essential. It provides detailed information about you so you can be reunited with your pet.

Way #2: Properly identify who they belong to with the right tags.

Some cats are skittish when family and friends come to visit your home. They may dart out the door unexpectedly. Having a pet-safe collar with identifying tag on it is highly recommended. The cat’s name should be on the tag along with your phone number so if the feline is found, a person can call and let you know.

Way #3: Take recent photographs of your pet to keep on file.

If someone were to find your cat after it has become lost or stolen, you’ll be able to prove that they are yours by showing the person a recent picture of your pet. Photographs are also very helpful when making missing posters because they allow the public to know what your kitty looks like.

Way #4: Use a carrier to transport your feline to and from the vet and while traveling.

Make sure that it has a door that latches. Your cat should feel comfortable climbing in and out of it, too. One way to make sure that happens is to leave it open inside your home days before traveling, so your pet is used to the idea of being inside the carrier.

Way #5: Make sure doors and windows remain closed.

That way, your cat won’t be tempted to squeeze through or exit them. Ask that other people be mindful of shutting doors and closing windows, too. There is never the temptation of exploring the outdoors for your indoor kitty because they have no way to get outside.

Protect your pet from life’s dangers. By following the tips listed above, you’re able to prevent your cat from becoming lost or getting stolen. Even if he or she were to turn up missing, you’d be prepared to find them right away because of the precautionary measures you took when you first welcomed your pet into your home.