If You Don’t Know How to Keep Your Pets Safe on July 4th, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

If You Don’t Know How to Keep Your Pets Safe on July 4th, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Fourth of July is just around the corner. Have you made preparations yet for your home and family?

This day is certainly a joyous event for us humans as it guarantees flowing food and drinks and merry fireworks coloring the sky. However, for our furry, feathery, and scaly friends, it can be a rather scary and agitating time.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe on July 4th

5 Tips for Keeping Pets Safe on July 4th

Yes, just like people who feel terrible and frustrated in constricted, crowded, and noisy places, our pets can feel overwhelmed by everything that happens during popular national events. This may lead to sudden violent reactions or illnesses.

But fear not! If you follow these tips, you and your pets will have an awesome and safe time on July 4th.

Stay Indoors to Reduce Noise

Tip 1: Let’s Stay Indoors

If possible, choose to stay at home with your pets, keeping them inside the house to reduce the blaring sounds. If you and your family are set on seeing parades or large firework displays, keep your buddy in a safe, escape-proof room or a spacious and sturdy crate.

If you found that your pet is exhibiting excessive anxiety resulting to harmful reactions during similar events in the past, do consider undertaking behavior therapy to minimize the stress the big day will bring to your pet.

Tip 2: Keep Alcohol, Oils, and Insect Repellent Away

The occasional liquor can be invigorating for us humans. Who doesn't like a glass of sparkling wine after all? However, these liquids are highly poisonous to our pets. Similarly, cooking and essential oils that litter our home during the 4th of July cookouts can be dangerous once our friends get their little paws and tongue on them. So make sure to keep them locked away when not in use and far from your buddy’s reach.

If you will be out and about throughout the day, you will most likely have insect repellents on hand, too. Before you try to apply some on your furry friend, make sure that it’s actually safe or created just for them. You certainly don’t want seeing their mouths foam!

Stay Away from Fireworks and Firecrackers

Tip 3: Ban Fireworks and Firecrackers

With their enhanced senses, the exploding sounds, sights, and scents of fireworks can be a devastating experience to our non-human pals. Instead of subjecting them to these illness-causing things, why not enjoy your time playing with party horns and whistles. If you’re into art and music, playing instruments would be cool, too.

Tip 4: No to Glow Jewelry, Sticks, and Strings

Glow sticks, jewelry, and decorations are another favorite item on Independence Day. As they are rarely brought out and used, our pets may perceive them as curious things or even toys that should be played with and chewed on.

Avoid them at all cost! Or at least don’t make your pet something like a walking Christmas tree with numerous glow jewelry attachments. Not only can they choke on these things, but they may get injured from accidentally breaking, stepping, or even biting them.

Don't Let Your Pet Be a Glutton

Tip 5: Watch Your Diet and IDs

With so much food on the table, it can be tempting to treat your pets to a feast, but don’t do it!

Keep in mind that there are a lot of foods our non-human pals can’t easily digest. Worse, some of our fave foods are actually toxic to their bodies. So instead of feeding them scraps, give them appropriate treats.

Also make sure they have proper identification before the big day. Take pictures, update their ID tags, and get them micro chipped. I know you will do your best to keep them safe at home. Seriously, I trust you! Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

July 4th is a historical day that we should all celebrate and enjoy. However, it’s also a day when we should keep a close eye on our pets who are unaware of what this day entails. Keep them secure and comfortable by following the five safety tips I shared above.

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