Household Risks That Pose a Threat to Your Cat

You do everything in your power to protect your pet. Why would you take a chance by keeping things in your home that are dangerous for your cat to be around or consume? If you’re not aware of what dangers exist, now is the time to research them. We’ll help you raise awareness by explaining what things you’ll want to eliminate or put out of reach from your pet.
Here are some household risks that pose a threat to your cat:

Poisonous Plants. Aloe, Azalea, Lily, Poinsettia, and Tulip are some of the plants that cats can’t be around. If they were to eat them, they could become very sick. It’s important to make sure that you don’t have these types of plants indoors where your cat will find them. There are plenty of other plants you can enjoy that don’t hurt your furry friend. Plant and enjoy them instead.

Toxic Foods and Beverages. Alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, and raisins are among the many items that are fit for human consumption but dangerous for your pet. Make sure to keep these items out of reach when you leave your cat unattended. You don’t want them to get into these foods and beverages while you’re away. Some items prove to be fatal so it’s important to keep the phone numbers for your vet and animal poison control center on your fridge so you can find them easily in the event your cat eats or drinks something he or she shouldn’t.
Medications. Pets shouldn’t be able to get into their medications without your knowledge or the medications you keep on hand for your family, either. Store these items in locations where the cat has no access to them. Make sure all lids are screwed tightly onto bottles. If a prescribed medication is causing your pet to act oddly, call the vet immediately. They may be having an adverse reaction to the medicine that was prescribed.

Insecticides, Household Cleaners, and Automobile Maintenance Materials. Antifreeze, bleach, and detergents are a few of the items that are fatal to cats. Because many of them have a sweet taste, your kitty doesn’t know better not to drink them. Keep these items locked away the way you would when you have small children in your home. It’s always worth the extra effort to retrieve these items from a locked cabinet or pantry if it keeps your cat safe.
Other Items to Be Concerned About. Things like dental floss, string, chicken bones, Christmas lights, tinsel, and small toys also cause problems for cats. If these items were to be swallowed by your pet, they could get lodged in their throat and stop their breathing.
Eliminate the risks to your pet in your home by exercising caution whenever you leave for work for the day. By being aware of the things that pose a threat to your cat, you’re able to protect them from accident and illness for all the days of his or her life. You provide them with a safe living environment free from harm.