Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Beloved Kitty

The holidays are a time for celebration. They’re a time for togetherness as a family. When planning your special events, don’t forget to include your pets. They want to be part of the occasion, too!


There’s nothing more exciting to a cat than the sound of Christmas paper being opened. They love climbing and playing in the boxes that are unwrapped. Give them their own source of joy this holiday season by making your celebrations about them, too.
Here are some holiday gift ideas for your beloved kitty:

• A soft new bed to sleep on. Help your cat sleep restfully at night with a new bed or blanket to cuddle up on. You can find a variety of sizes to fit the smallest kitten or largest cat. This will give them their own special spot to lounge in the sun. Opt for comfort and convenience. You’ll want to put the bed in a place where they can get to it easily and feel safe visiting. Like the litter box, a bed is their personal property and something they want to keep to themselves.

• Some special treats to snack on. Cats love tasty treats, too. Make sure to include a few packages of their favorite flavored varieties to eat whenever you feel like giving them something in addition to their cat food. Cats love treats in fun shapes that they can bat around a little before devouring.

• A fun toy to play with. Cats need regular stimulation. Give them hours of fun with a KittyStick. Its expandable rod makes it so you can cast the line and reel in the feathered toy. Your pet won’t get tired catching it! This is a great way to bond with your pet as he or she will need you to cast the line and ‘catch’ the playful kitty. You can never spend too much time engaging your feline friend in physical activity.

• A self-watering bowl to drink out of. Anytime your pet needs a drink, he or she can get one. You won’t have to constantly refill their bowl. That’s sounds like the type of gift that keeps on giving, right? You’ll have to do less work to keep your pet hydrated. Cats tend to be very independent creatures and like to feel like they’re in charge of their own care and well-being. Having this type of watering bowl available gives them control of how much they drink and when.

When holiday shopping for your family, don’t forget to pick up something for your cat. He or she will love being a part of all the excitement. A new toy or scratching post is just what your pet needs to be happy. Take a look at Easyology Pets’ website for some fun gift ideas.

You’ll find practical products such as kitty litter mats and skin soothing balms and sprays. You’ll also find fun gifts such as toys and tunnels. If you need additional gift ideas, take a look under the Shop Our Store tab for inspiration.