Here Are 6 Things Your Cat Loves More Than Food

We all know just how much cats like food. Even stray cats who would rather not come within five feet of a human can usually be enticed with the promise of a tasty morsel.

However, there are a few things that even your cat likes more than food. If you know what they are and provide them, you’ll have one VERY happy kitty.

Here are six things your cat will choose over food…just about every time.

  1. 1. Naps

If your cat is anything like mine, the sound of a rustling bag of food can wake them out of the deepest sleep. Other cats could care less. They’d much rather finish their cat naps and eat later. Basically, it comes down to your cat’s personal preferences. Think about it. What do you find your cat spending most of their time doing? If I had to guess, it would be sleeping. In reality, cats can spend upwards of 12 to 16 hours sleep each day. And if your cat is older, they could sleep as much as 20 hours each day. That doesn’t leave much time to do much of anything else, does it?

  1. 2. Catnip

Given a choice between a bowl of food and a BIG pile of catnip, what would your cat choose? Well, it’s no secret that cats love catnip, and many cats would even prefer you give them catnip in place of treats. I mean, wouldn’t you? Just think about it, if you had the choice between a cookie or a substance that made you feel oh so good every time you had it…what would you choose?  

  1. 3. Whisker Comfort

Have you ever watched a cat eat? If you have, then maybe you’ve noticed them eating out of the middle of the bowl, while avoiding the sides. Yet, after they’ve finished, they beg as if they haven’t had a thing to eat. What’s gives? Well, some cats have VERY sensitive whiskers. And touching them on anything is somewhat uncomfortable. That’s because, whiskers are designed to help cats find predators and prey, detect changes in the weather, and they even allow them to find their way around in the dark. Which as you can imagine, makes them very sensitive. In fact, damage to their whiskers can be quite painful. That’s why Rubbing against the side of the bowl can be uncomfortable to your cat. And cats with sensitive whiskers will always choose the comfort of their whiskers over food. Not to mention they know that when they get really hungry a little begging goes a long way.  

  1. 4. Working For Food

I know it may sound strange, but most cats would rather work for their food than have it just given to them. Remember, cats have very strong instincts, plus they’re super smart. So, for them, it’s a game. They like the challenge and they love to track things down. Especially, indoor cats. Without stimulation they get bored, so making a game out of mealtime can be quite exhilarating. There are a variety of puzzle feeders that can help make each meal so much more fun. You can also play games with your cat, teach them tricks and hide their food in different places.  

  1. 5. A Stimulating Environment

Just like hunting for food stimulates a cat’s mind, your cat likes to be stimulated in other ways too. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I keep my cat inside because I like to keep him safe. However, while keeping your cat safe from predators, cars and other dangerous and hazardous threats, there are health problems associated with keeping your cat indoors. For example, urinary tract infections, diabetes, and obesity. Just like you and I, cats need both physical and mental stimulation. Cats need to climb, jump and play. So, giving your cat a variety of perches, boxes, windows and other places, they can go to play and watch birds will go a long way in keeping them stimulated and will help curb their boredom.

  1. 6. You

Now you may not have expected this one but believe it or not…your cat prefers you over food. That’s right…cats love their humans and crave your attention. In one study performed at Oregon State University researchers found that cats prefer social interaction to food. The study looked at the behavior of both pet cats and cats living in a shelter. During the study, they gave the cats a choice between food, toys, scents and social interaction with a human.  And while there were differences among all the cats, the majority preferred to interact with humans more than anything else. So next time your cat seems laser-focused on their food dish as they gulp down the food you’ve given them take solace in knowing that your cat loves you more than food.

What other things can you think of that your cat loves more than food?