Pet Parents Go Nuts over These 5 Father’s Day Gifts

Pet Parents Go Nuts over These 5 Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is coming. Do you have presents ready to give the pet dads in your life on this special day? If you’re still thinking of a gift that will make him shout in excitement and have a smile plastered on his face the whole day, then you ought to consider these five types of pet presents that I’ll share with you today.

Pet Parents Go Nuts over These 5 Father’s Day Gifts


Who doesn’t love getting new clothing or kicks, especially ones as pretty as these?

  • Statement Shirts – Easily available online and in malls, funny captioned shirts are sure to make a pet parent’s day. Take your time picking ones that display his outpouring love for his pet. Some goodies I found say things like “Dog, I Am Your Father” (complete with a Doggy Vader!) and “Real Men Love Cats.
  • Couple Wear – Who said couple wear are only for, well, couples?
  • Vans x ASPCA – Does your pet dad love to show his love not only for his pet but for all the adorable creatures he meets? Then this is for him. With a beautiful collage of either dogs or cats, this collaboration supports APSCA’s cause of protecting animals against abuse.

Statement Shirts Are a Fun Gift Everyone Loves

Personalized Items

There’s always something so touching about getting things inspired by you or your loved ones. For the sentimental and artsy pet parents, these are perhaps the best Father’s Day gifts you can give:

  • Portraits and Mats – These simple yet adorable gifts with their pets’ faces are a great welcome for pet dads after a long day at work.
  • Mugs – Want a mug with a cute illustration of your pet’s face? I’m sure all pet-loving dads will say “Yes!”

Cool Tech

We’re living at time where tech is starting to rule the world. Let the savvy pet parent close to your heart take advantage of that by gifting him with these:

  • Pet Tracker – Fashioned as a collar, the pet tracker is equipped with GPS, and sometimes Wi-Fi, that allows for real-time tracking of your pet via a phone app. No need to worry over where Brownie might be when you accidentally get separated at a huge sprawling park.
  • Pet Monitor Cam – We can’t be with our pets 24/7, but we can certainly keep an eye out for them with these nifty devices. Some pet cams today even include audio, play, and treat options, so dad can interact with his pet even when he’s a thousand miles away.

The Gift of Giving Never Fails to Warm Hearts


The gift of giving never grows old. If your pet dad is an active supporter of a certain animal shelter or organization, giving a donation under his name on Father’s Day will surely warm his heart.

I know. Unlike the other things on this list, my description for this gift is short. But sometimes, you have to remember, action speaks louder than words.

Toys and Treats Are Classic Gifts for Pet Dads

Toys and Stuffs

These are yet another classy and timeless gift. With these, pet dad doesn’t need to mark his calendar for that mandatory grocery visit to get more things his doggy or kitty needs. And with Easyology Pet’s Father’s Day treat, you and pet dad will surely love the variety of awesome yet affordable items you can get.

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