Creating a Schedule That You and Your Pet Can Live With

You’ll be in sync in a matter of no time!

Time is a precious commodity that most people don’t seem to have enough of. If this sounds like you, know that you’re not alone. Learning how to be a master of your schedule is a gift that will serve you and your dog or cat well throughout the years. It frees up time for you to be able to do all the things you need to do, as well as the activities you want to do.

Here’s how to create a schedule that you and your pet can live with.

Focus on the tasks that need attention first.

If something on your to-do list can be done in fifteen minutes or less, make sure to do it first. That means that you can easily feed your pet during this time or take them out to do their business first thing. When your dog realizes that they need to go outdoors to relieve themselves before they eat, they’ll wait by the door until you come to let them out. Cats will go to the litter box and then enter the room they eat in because they’ve grown used to their early morning routine. You too should get in a routine to clean the dirty litter box to ensure a healthy environment.

Get exercising done first thing.

Waking up early to spend some time exercising is ideal because it allows you and your pet to stretch your muscles, make your bodies limber, and prepare your brains for the day ahead. Taking your dog for a brisk walk benefits both of you physically, socially, and mentally. Spending some time with your cat having it chase a laser pointer or find a toy that you’ve run to hide is ideal because it gets their heart pumping and helps you and your pet burn calories.

Set up alerts to serve as reminders of things that need to be done and appointments that must be attended.
Staying on top of medication administration and vet appointments can be difficult, especially if you have your own supplements and doctor’s appointments to keep track of. Use your phone to set up alerts reminding you of what you need to do for your dog or cat. That way, you won’t forget to take them in for their yearly exam or give them the last dose of antibiotic the doctor prescribed.

Don’t forget to allow time for bonding and play.

Among the most important areas of scheduling includes playtime. You must have time to connect with one another on a personal level. That’s why it’s important to invest in enrichment items such as toys for your pet because they encourage you to have fun. The Easyology Pets Pizza Party Cat Toy is one of the most popular items sold because of how interactive it is with its multiple pieces.

As with anything habitual, a new schedule takes time getting used to. Remember that nothing is written in stone. You can make adjustments to your schedule and your pet’s schedule whenever necessary. That way, both of your needs and best interests are being met satisfactorily.