Create a First Aid Kit for Just Your Cat

A first aid kit is a necessity for every home, vehicle, and workplace. It provides you the things that your family needs in the event an injury or sudden illness takes place. It can buy you time until you get to the hospital to be checked out.
Like anything else you have on hand for your pet, a first aid kit should be created specifically for your cat. You’ll have two available in the event that something happens. One will be for your family and the second will be filled with things that are meant to help your pet.
Here are some of the items from Easyology Pets you want to stock up on and keep in your first aid kit for your cat:

Corigem Spray and Balm. If your pet has hot spots or wounds from scratching or another type of injury, this product helps soothe the itchiness that they are experiencing. Best of all, if your cat licks at the treated spot, they won’t get sick. Corigem Spray and Balm is 100% natural and safe if licked.
Absorbent Gauze Pads and Medical Tape. Once a wound or burn has been treated, it needs to be covered so it heals. Pads and tape help with this process.
Emergency Contact Numbers. Include your phone number as well as the number to your veterinarian and poison control. Laminate the list so that it doesn’t get damaged.
Paperwork About Your Pet. Keep copies of your cat’s special needs, medical history, and immunizations. If he or she is microchipped, include that information in the kit. You’ll also want to keep a current photo of your pet in the first aid kit in the event your pet gets lost and injured. You’ll be able to be reunited quickly that way.
Hydrogen Peroxide. It helps clean wounds and induce vomiting if instructed by your veterinarian or poison control to do so. You may want to include a small cup in the kit, too, 
Antiseptic Wipes. This helps sterilize a wound before treating it. You’ll want to make sure that the packages are sealed well so they don’t dry up.
Extra Medication. In the event your pet’s meds are lost, you’ll have extras to give them. Make sure the bottle is labeled with the drug name and dosage.

A Small Blanket. It helps comfort a pet who is in shock. It also makes transporting a pet to the vet easier.
Ice Packs. This item helps reduce swelling. Take one out of the kit and place it in the freezer. Wrap a washcloth around it and apply to the sprained area immediately.
Surgical Gloves. You’ll want to keep everything sterile. Wash your hands with soap and warm water before applying the gloves. Then treat your cat as instructed in the first aid book you have on hand. Throw the gloves away when you’re done applying balm or ointment and wash your hands again once more.
Taking the time to create a first aid kit just for your pet saves you time and money in the long run. If there is an emergency or your cat suddenly becomes injured, you’re able to treat them quickly before taking them to the vet for further examination. Having a first aid kit on hand helps you treat skin problems such as scratches and hot spots as well as dealing with things like fleas, eczema, and burns.