These 5 Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Are All You’ll Ever Need

You might think your feline buddy is a lazy bum, but once you present him with these five cat toys for indoor cats, you will surely see him excited and active. Just like a forever-energetic kitten!

Some people say cats are lazy bums who only ever live to eat and sleep. But—and that’s a big whooping but!—that’s merely a misconception believed by people who either haven’t lived with cats before or are actually the lazy bums themselves.

You see, cats are curious and playful creatures. They seek and live for thrill and adventure. That’s why they’re always honing their awesome ninja moves. (I bet you’ve just thought of one acrobatic skill your cat performed for you recently) And that’s also why you should get your hands on the best cat toys, especially for your indoor cats.

These 5 Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Are All You Will Ever Need

What Are the Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats?

Unlike their outdoor counterparts, indoor cats have limited entertainment and exercise options. To replace the interesting things they would have found if they were allowed to freely roam outside, cat toys are created. With thousands of options, however, it can be a real pain in the you-know-what to find the cream of the crop—the ones that actually produce a sparkle in our cat’s eyes. So to give you a head start, let me recommend my and my cats’ undeniable favorites:

Catnip Stuffed Toys

Catnip is a weedy plant from the mint family that usually gets cats “high” after a whiff or a taste. We have dedicated a whole post to discuss its effects and determine whether prolonged use of this substance will pose any threats to our cats; you can read the full post here.

Basically, catnip’s oil extract, nepatalactone, imitates our cats’ happy hormones, which makes them giddy and a bit of crazy. That’s the reason why it’s the choice stuffing for our feline friend’s toys; they keep the cats calm and happy for a significant amount of time.

However, one thing to note here is that catnip doesn’t work for everyone. Based on genetics and preference developed while growing up, your cat may have no reaction to a catnip toy. Zilch, zero, nada! So you might want to test her with a bit of dry catnip before hoarding catnip stuff toys.

Catnip Stuffed Toys Can Make Kitty Calm and Happy

Cat Puzzles Feeder

This is mostly for the cats who enjoy exercising their brains more than their bodies. It’s also ideal for your feline buddy who’s stubbornly chowing her meals like there’s no tomorrow. Typically, these feeders/toys are made with heavy cardboard, plastic, or wood.

If it’s your first time getting a cat puzzle feeder, make sure to get one that has few slots and easy access to the smaller toy or treat inside. This is mostly to familiarize your cat with the solving process. As she gets better at locating and retrieving the toy/treat from the puzzle, you can then get her more complex puzzle toys.

Mouse Wand

Tom and Jerry might always be at odds, but if there’s one thing I learned from them, it’s that a cat loves chasing a mouse. That is pretty much my one and only reason to get a fuzzy mouse wand toy.

There are a handful of them in the market, but I suggest you get one that is lightweight and easy to store; uses a durable yet flexible fishing line; and has secure, safe, and replaceable attachments.

Mouse Wand and Everyday Fun

Feather Wand

Aside from the funny cat and mouse duo, there’s the other famous cat and supposed-prey tandem that is Sylvester and Tweety. Getting inspiration from this quirky couple, we made the KittyStick Premium Cat Toy with Expandable Rod.

It features natural-colored feathers that quickly attract a cat’s attention and a durable fishing line, which makes your simple wrist flicks turn into the feathers’ graceful flying dance. The handle is padded to provide comfort despite continued use, and the pole extends to give you greater coverage and maximum fun.

When play time’s over, you can easily store it in the cloth bag it comes with to keep both your cat and cat toy safe while you take some much-needed rest (‘cause with this toy, your cats will be like little hyperactive kids no matter their age).

This cat toy for indoor cats is the ultimate favorite in our house, thanks to its subdued colors and realistic movements.

Cat Tunnel

Do you live with two or more cats? Maybe you're dealing with a shy cat who won't budge out of the closet or from under the bed? If you said "Yes" to any of those questions, then this is the perfect cat toy for you!

Cat tunnels are generally collapsible, so they're easy to store. They afford your cats a dark safe haven outside the cabinets and away from the furniture, and they feature holes from where your cats can do sneak attacks on other furry family members or toys.

For this type of cat toy for indoor cats, I recommend our very own Premium Cat Tunnel Toy Maze. It has a velvety outer and crinkly inner. The edges are lined with fur to prevent wires from popping out, and it comes with Velcro fasteners, which hold it in place when collapsed or connected with other pieces. Finally, the materials are of neutral colors, allowing the tunnel to blend with most home decor.

Let Your Cats' Ninja Skills Shine with the Easyology Premium Cat Tunnel Toy Maze

There may be thousands of cat toys for indoor cats available, but we can guarantee that the five toys above are all you’ll ever need to keep your cats entertained and in tip top shape.

Which of the cats toys we recommend is your favorite? Do you think there are other cat toys that should have been added on our list? Make sure to share them with us in the comment section below!