Here’s a Quick Way to Have a Happier New Year – Adopt a Cat from Rescue or Animal Shelters!

The big stores with glass enclosures filled with rolling and softly meowing cats might look like a magical world, but do you know that some of them are owners of cat mills where these cute creatures are unfairly treated?

Instead of beelining for a big-name shop or breeder, why not check out the awesome cats of your local shelter or rescue? If you have doubts on whether this is the right decision, then you ought to know the top five benefits of adopting a cat...

Here’s a Quick Way to Have a Happier New Year – Adopt a Cat from Rescue or Animal Shelters!

Here’s a Quick Way to Have a Happier New Year – Adopt a Cat from Rescue or Animal Shelters!

We know. When it comes to prospective cat owners, the fancy stores filled with glass enclosures where fluffy kittens lay, roll, and softly meow are like a magical world. Really, would you not want to take such a cute kitty home when it’s constantly trying to rub and lick you when you pet it?

While we do believe that a handful of stores and breeders shower their pets with love, there’s no denying that the industry is riddled with ruthless people producing cat mills to earn a quick buck. So instead of exploring stores in huge chain malls, why not check out and adopt a cat from your local rescue or animal shelters?

Here’s a Quick Way to Have a Happier New Year – Adopt a Cat from Rescue or Animal Shelters!

5 Benefits of Adopting a Shelter Cat

As if you really need reasons to get your hands on cats oozing with charisma and adorableness that make you go “It’s so fluffy!”, we’ve rounded up the top five benefits of adopting a cat immediately:

Simple or Fancy

Don’t believe naysayers who tell you that only damaged cats are found in rescues and shelters. Sure, you will see a few cats with disabilities (acquired from illnesses, accidents, and heartbreaking abuse from humans), but you will also see absolutely healthy and pedigree cats, including Siameses, Persians, and even Maine Coons!

Older Cats Are Just as Fun and Loveable

Calm and Wise

Are you the kind who often say “Ain’t nobody’s got time for that”? Then consider getting an adult cat who don’t need litter box training or reminders to avoid roughly playing with (read: destroying) furniture.

Ready for You and the World

Most shelter cats are already adjusted to family living and easily settle down with kids and other pets. They’re also generally neutered/spayed to avoid accidentally increasing the high street cat population.

Shelter Cats Are Ready for You and Your Love

Don’t Break the Bank

Compared to what you would pay a breeder, adopting a shelter cat will barely leave a mark on your savings. Yay to more money for cat toys and treats (from your cat’s perspective)!

Help a Cause

Many shelters and rescues struggle financially. So, pained they maybe, some are left with no choice but to put animals to sleep once they exceeded the maximum days of stay. When you adopt a cat, you aren’t only saving a life. You’re also bringing hope to others who have yet to find their forever homes.

The beautiful smiles and sparkling eyes we see when we bring goodies to our local shelters are truly priceless. We can’t tell you just how lighthearted we feel during our visits, and that’s the reason why we at Easyology Pets have pledged to donate 10% of each and every sale we make. We are sure that you will feel the same happiness we do when you adopt a cat from animal shelters.

Adopt a Cat and Help a Cause

How to Adopt a Cat from Animal Shelters: The Lowdown

When you have finally decided to adopt a shelter cat (seriously, what’s taking you so long?), you will need to go through these steps:

Step 1: Meet the Cats Personally

Visit several shelters in your area. Make sure to discuss your preferences with the staff as they can help you find your perfect match faster. Be open-minded, too. Try to reach out to a bunch of cats, and don’t discount older or disabled cats too early. They offer as much love as their younger, healthier pals.

For those who are managing or advocating specific rescues or shelters, send us a message so we can create an awesome reference list in this post or a separate page.

Step 2: Get Your Home Ready

Once you have found your match, it’s time to prepare your home for your new family member. We made a whole post dedicated to that, but here’s the short version:
• Stock on cat foods and treats
• Choose your litter box, litter, and cat litter mat wisely
• Have cat toys and scratching boards at hand
• Get a nice leash and carrier
• Prepare an ID (collar or microchip)

Step 3: Live, Love, and Don’t Forget the Vet

With all the paperwork done, the final step is to go home together. Adjusting may take some time, but once your cat has settled down, you can look forward to more sweet days and living happily ever after. Just don’t forget to visit the vet for routine and annual checkups.

The fluffiest and most lovable cats aren’t necessarily from fancy shops. Some of them are in animal shelters, just waiting for you to meet them. Why don’t you give them a chance, and adopt a cat today?

Have you adopted cats before or are you currently thinking of taking a shelter cat home? Maybe you are actually part of a shelter?

Share with us your thoughts and experiences below!