A New Cat, a New Year, and a New You

A New Cat, a New Year, and a New You

Adopting a feline and a new attitude for the approaching year brings you better health and more happiness.

There is a lot to be said about the healing powers of animals. They provide unconditional love and friendship. They give some people a sense of purpose, too. Having a pet can lower your blood pressure and lower levels of stress.

Your Cat is a Cherished Family Member

As you’re approaching the new year, have you considered how good it would feel to adopt a cat? If you have room in your heart and home for a feline, you’ll not regret your decision. A cat becomes a cherished part of your family quickly.

Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

There are many benefits that come with being a cat owner as briefly mentioned above. Physical and mental health benefits are tremendous. In fact, here are some additional reasons why having a cat is awesome.

According to website Mental Floss, cats help you:

Get over a loss faster. If you’re going through a loss through separation, divorce or death, having a feline friend helps you cope better. They don’t judge you for feeling the way that you do, and they provide physical companionship which may be something you’re craving because of the loss.

Find a significant other. Animal lovers of the world unite! One of the things that attract one person to another is their love for animals. Think about how many pet forums and web pages there are dedicated to people’s furry friends. A British poll even showed that 82 percent of women found men more attractive when they stated they loved animals.

Be heart-healthy. Another study found that over 10 years, participants who had a cat had less of a chance of dying of a heart attack or stroke. Their risk factor for both diseases decreased by 30%. If that isn’t reason enough to go to your local shelter to adopt, nothing is!

Sleep better! Some studies have shown that people sleep better with their cat than with another human. Having a pet snuggled up against you reminds you of the unique bond you have with one another. It demonstrates a level of trust and closeness.

There are many ways that cats help you feel good. They improve your overall mood and how you physically and mentally feel. Now that you have some scientific proof on your side, what’s stopping you from bringing home a furry friend for your household?

Take Care of Your Pet’s Needs by Shopping One Website

Having a cat in your life can make your new year that much sweeter. It can help you discover things about yourself that you didn’t even know! If your new year’s plan involves adopting a cat, make it a point to get the things that you’ll need for your new pet such as a pet bed heating pad from Easyology Pets. You’ll have everything you need to ensure that your pet is happy, healthy, and adjusting to his or her new environment right away.