Definite New Cat Owner Guide - Top Tips and Supplies Checklist

Have you finally succumbed to the elegant cat's charm? If you are set to take home a furry ball in the immediate future, then you have to learn all the top tips and get your supplies checklist ready through our new cat owner guide.

Definite New Cat Owner Guide - Top Tips and Supplies Checklist

Seemingly a fluffy piece of heaven itself, who can resist the allure of cats? They have an elegant gait, a sharp but sophisticated spark in their eyes, and a tough exterior yet a warm heart. If you have finally succumbed to this small feline’s charm and are planning to take home a furry ball in the immediate future, this new cat owner guide will serve you well.

Definite New Cat Owner Guide - Top Tips and Supplies Checklist

Top 4 New Cat Owner Tips

Before anything else, there are several things you must do as well as things you ought to know before bringing a new pet home:

Evaluate Yourself and Your Home

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cat or another animal you’re bringing home; you must be 100% sure that you can provide it not only with good food and bed but also adequate attention and care. Cats tend to be independent, but that doesn’t mean they can do everything by themselves.

Ponder your current circumstance. Does it allow you to devote time every day to a new family member? Does your current residence pose restrictions on your owning a pet? What if you have to move to a new place or state, will you be able to bring your pet with you? These are just some of the things you must consider.

New Cat Owner Tip - Get Close to a Vet

Get Close to a Vet

Regardless of how many new cat owner guides you read, not one will be able to tell you as much and as comprehensive as a local veterinarian. So get familiar with doctors and staff from nearby animal clinics, ask for opinions, and hear their stories. This will give you more ideas on what to expect as a new cat owner.

Also make sure to schedule an appointment several days after bringing your kitty home to ensure her vaccines are updated and to identify and cure any illnesses early on.

Catify Your Home

Do you want to make sure your furniture and precious items are kept safe? Do you want to guarantee a peaceful life, even after your cat is brought home? Then keep this new cat owner tip in mind: you must catify your home.

What does that mean?

You must secure important fragile things by keeping them in glass enclosures or putting them inside cabinets. Take away items on top of any large furniture where your cat may be able to jump onto, and place different scratching materials (posts, boards, or cat condos) in various areas of the house.

New Cat Owner Tip - Remember That Every Cat is Unique

Every Cat is Unique

Just like humans, every cat is unique. While a breed may tell you of their general temperament, their actual personalities may greatly vary. Some cats tend to talk a storm. Others may be shy and reserved. Some act like a sports maniac while others love to laze around and sleep.

Get to know your cat through careful observation and constant interaction, specifically playtime, and don’t be sad if your fur ball didn’t act the way you expected. Remember that a cat’s love is not readily given but earned. You will certainly get the warm cuddles and gentle knowing looks you are longing for—but only after you have formed a real and lasting bond.

9 Supplies New Cat Owners Must Have

After doing your due diligence learning as much as you can about cat care before the big day, it’s now time for the fun part—shopping! Here are nine things to get when you hit the pet store:

  • Cat food and treats—Don’t starve your cat, and choose wisely from all the dry, wet, and raw food options.
  • Litter box and litter—Keep the bathroom ready for your cat. Consider the different litter types.
  • Food and water bowls—Where will you put the food and drinks?
  • Scratching materials—You don’t want your cat destroying your furniture instead.
  • Cat toys—Keep her happy and fit with toys like the KittyStick Premium Cat Toy.
  • Bed or lounge—This isn’t a necessity, but it will give your kitten a favorite nap space.
  • Identification—Be a responsible new cat owner. Put a collar on your cat with your contact details or get her a microchip.
  • Leash and carrier—For leisurely walks or routine vet visits, these are essential.
  • Cleaning tools—You need the right materials for properly disposing litter as well as cleaning fur, sand, and the occasional vomit.

Being a new cat owner is like having your firstborn child. It simultaneously builds anticipation and fear for what’s to come. However, while the ride may be bumpy, it’s a journey that surely brings numerous happy memories.

Do you have other tips to add to our new cat owner guide? Let your voice be heard, and leave a comment below!