7 Things Your Cat Needs From You Most

If you’re like me, your cat is a big part of your life and more often than not you go out of your way to make sure they have everything their little kitty heart desires. From the best food to the best cat toys and even the best litter and cat beds. It seems like there’s nothing you won’t do to make your cat happy.

But have you ever stopped to think about what it is your cat really needs? I mean, sure they like nice things like you and I do…

But, do they really need them?

The truth is, most cats could care less about fancy things and instead have a much different list of priorities.

Here are seven things I discovered that cats REALLY need most:

7 Things Your Cat Needs From You Most

  1. 1. Just A Little Space

For cats, being social has its time and place but there’s also a time and place when they’d rather be alone. Every cat should have what is considered a “safe space” of some sort of getaway, whether it’s a room all to themselves, a box or house to hide in or a perch or ledge they can sit on. Places like these can give them a sense of peace and a place to retreat to when they are feeling a bit anxious and overwhelmed.

Cat’s especially love places where they can hide yet they can still see out and observe the world while they feel safe. They like to see all the action but from a place of safety and comfort. If you do have such a place for your cat (and you should), make sure you don’t bother them when they’re there. Their safe place really does need to be respected. Do this and your cat will always feel safe and secure knowing they have somewhere to go when the world gets a little crazy.

  1. 2. Basic Needs

We all know that there is a difference between needs and wants. And the things that most people really need are the basics like food, water, and shelter. Well, your cat isn’t much different. However, just like you and me, there are certain things that can make life a little easier and for your cat this includes grooming. If your cat is anything like mine, grooming is a big part of their daily to-do list. And while they do a good job on their own, the occasional “hand” combing can be a big help. This is even more important if your cat has long hair or has knots and tangles. When a cat’s fur gets matted, it can be painful and can even lead to skin irritation. Regular brushing also helps you and your cat bond and helps you keep track of any sudden changes in your cat’s body that may need to be investigated.

  1. 3. Understanding Their Quirks

If you have been a cat owner for any length of time, especially if you’ve had more than one cat in your lifetime, then you know just how picky they can be and how different they really are. They like different foods, toys, beds, litter boxes and they even differ where they like to hang out. And while they can at times be a royal pain in the you know what, the quirkiness of your cat is also part of their charm. It gives them personality and makes it fun to own a cat. Sure, it can be a bit on the annoying side sometimes, but if you just sit back and let them be themselves…they’ll love you for it.

  1. 4. Protection

Cats can certainly be self-sufficient and more often than not, they act as if they don’t need anyone. They have great survival instincts and excellent hunting skill’s but the truth of the matter is they do need you to protect them. Microchipping, vaccinations, and pest prevention are all part of being a responsible pet parent. It’s also important for us to be careful when letting our cats outside. It’s no secret that cats allowed to be outdoors have a shorter lifespan than cats kept inside. And while it’s hard to always keep your cat indoors, if you do let them out it’s important that you make sure you get them back in before dark. If your cat likes to be outside, consider adding a screened in area to your window or porch. They’ll love it and it will keep them safe.  

  1. 5. Mental Stimulation

While it is true that cats sleep a lot, when they are awake they can get quite bored. Just like you, they need something to keep their little minds occupied and the best way to do that is through the activation of their natural instincts. Things like hiding, stalking, chasing and pouncing can keep them busy for hours. Also, things like food puzzles and games involving hiding treats can also be fun. If you can’t think of anything just, try a few creative ways to hide food or toys from your cat and see how they respond. They’ll let you know what they like.

  1. 6. One-On-One Time

Sure, you can buy your cat all the toys in the world and try to keep them entertained, but just like humans, they need love, affection and some good old-fashioned alone time with their favorite person (you)! Cat’s love to me loved on, pet, played with and given treats. They especially like it when your attention is focused entirely on them. And trust me, they know when it isn’t. The more time you spend with your kitty the stronger your bond will grow. Just try to spend a few quality minutes with your cat each day and you’ll see what a difference it can make.

  1. 7. Love And Affection

Finally, once their basic needs are met, there is nothing your cat wants more than your love. Cats thrive on connection and any type of attention strengthens your bond. The more you engage with your cat and the more of your undivided attention they get the happier and more content they’ll be. As you make it a priority to love on your cat daily, you’ll see them begin to respond to your love and affection. Don’t be surprised if they come around more often to actively seek your attention, it’s just one of the byproducts of feeling loved.