7 Reasons Why Your Cat Loves The Bathroom

Have you ever wondered why your cat is ALWAYS in the bathroom? It’s like you can never get a moment alone. Now I don’t know about you, but my cat always follows me into the bathroom. For some reason, he thinks I need the company or something. Does your cat do the same?

Does he rub on your leg while you’re trying to take care of business? Or lay in your sink and take his afternoon nap? Maybe yours meows and paws at the door if you lock her out. Whatever the case may be, the fact is cats LOVE the bathroom.

The question is why? And I think I may have the answers.

1. Bathrooms Are Fun

For cats, the bathroom is an endless source of wonderment. For starters, the tub is huge and sometimes the faucet drips. Then there are the toilet paper rolls, they’re a lot of fun to play with. There are also towels and robes hanging on the wall, and sometimes the belt from the robe hangs down just enough to make it interesting. And don’t forget that fuzzy rug. It’s so soft and comfy, it’s a great place to sleep, stretch out or just roll around on.  Just keep in mind, bathrooms can be interesting. But if your cat starts to poop or pee in the sink, then that could be a sign of stress or some other behavioral problem. It could also be a sign that you’re not cleaning the litter box enough.

2. Cats don’t like closed doors

Has your cat ever scratched or pawed at a closed door in your home? Mine does it all the time. He hates closed doors, and it’s not that he wants to come in he just wants the option. Most cats are similar in that way. They can’t stand closed doors. And the bathroom door is closed a lot of the time. And if the door is closed and you happen to be on the other side, that could really drive your cat crazy. Some cats eventually get used to the fact that you close the door when you go to the bathroom, but it still doesn’t mean it’s off limits. Remember, they know how much fun the bathroom is and the thought of you being in there without them doesn’t sit very well. And if you haven’t noticed, cats don’t like to be left out of anything and that includes you being in the bathroom without them.

3. They have your undivided attention

If you haven’t noticed…cats like attention. But only on their terms of course. And you sitting on a toilet is the perfect time for your cat to get a little love. Why not? You’re just sitting there after all. In their mind their doing you a favor, they’re allowing you to pet them AND they’re helping you pass the time.

4. Sinks Are Comfy

If you stop and think about it, sinks are the perfect shape to curl up in. They’re rounded and seem to cradle little cat bodies perfectly. They also provide that closed in feeling that cats seem to like. The same reason they like to be in tight spaces or boxes. It’s also cool and during a hot day it’s quite refreshing and on a cold day, your cat's body heat will warm it right up. And hey, if they get thirsty they can lick the sink.

5. Cats like water, really?

It’s well known that cats don’t like to get wet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to be around water. For starters, the cat has access to a freshwater source in your sink or tub. And cats are fascinated by fresh running water.

6. Cats stick to routines

You’ve heard the term “regular” right? Well, just as your bathroom habits usually occur at the same time every day, your cat has their routine too. And part of that routine is coming to visit when you’re in there. And as long as you continue to respond with love and affection, they’ll keep it in their routine. And if your bathroom schedule is followed by mealtime for them, then you’ve just discovered their REAL motive.

7. Maybe your cat just really loves you

One thing that cats love even more than the bathroom is you. And your bathroom is full of your smell. You spend a lot more time in the bathroom than you think and your towels, your hairbrush, your robe and a variety of other things are full of your scent. And if your cat is anything like mine, they like to sit on the counter and watch you get ready too. Playing with your hairbands, batting around your makeup and playing with whatever, they can.

If you haven’t guessed, bathroom time is a bonding time. So, make sure you give your cat plenty of attention when they visit you in there. And make sure to leave the door open!