5 Things We Do That Drive Cats Crazy

Now I know what you’re thinking…

Cats are always so laid back and cool. What could they possibly get upset about?

Most of the time they act as if nothing bothers them at all, but the truth is they really DO have a few pet peeves.

And while there are a number of things that we do that pretty much drive cats crazy.

Here’s 5 that we know of…

  1. 1. Playing Music Too Loud

Not sure if you were aware of this or not, but because of their satellite-shaped ears, cats are a lot more sensitive to different frequencies than we are. In fact, their ears are naturally designed to draw in sounds so that cats being the hunters that they are can hear the pitter patter of little mice feet far away. That’s why, when you turn up your music too loud it can stress your cat out and even scare them. If you MUST play your jams loudly, then be considerate and simply lock your cat out of the room or put them somewhere safe. If that’s just not possible, then be courteous and turn down the volume or wear a set of headphones.

  1. 2. Tossing and Turning in Bed

If you’ve owned a cat for even a day, then already know they like sleep. And they aren’t shy about it. Truth is, most cats sleep over 12-15 per day. And when they don’t get that shut-eye, they can get a little grumpy. And it’s a real bonus if they get to share some of that sleep time snuggling up with you. Unless you’re a restless sleeper that is! What if every time you finally fell asleep, someone shook your mattress? You wouldn’t be too happy, would you? Well, neither is your cat. So how can you make your bed a more restful place? For starters, you can sleep on your back. Also make sure you keep the temperature in your room comfortable, which can help you sleep better and cuts down on your tossing and turning. Finally, keep your bedroom door open. This will allow your cat to make a quick escape should you kick them in your sleep.

  1. 3. Not Sticking to a Schedule

As you’ve probably noticed, your cat keeps a pretty tight schedule. Staying on time with their daily kitty tasks gives them a feeling of control and makes them feel safe and secure. Studies have shown that cats who live in environments that are constantly changing tend to get sick more often. That’s why it’s so important to try to keep their routine as consistent as you can. Feed them at the same time, clean their litter box at the same time each day and even play with them at certain times of the day. Sure, there will be times when things will get off schedule, but the closer you stay to a consistent day to day routine the healthier and happier they will be.

  1. 4. The Dreaded Carrier

Unlike most dogs, cats just aren’t that into road trips. And when they do get the chance to go out on the open road, they’re usually stuffed into a cat carrier. Worse still, it usually ends up with a visit to the vet. So, as can imagine, they’re just not big fans of the cat carrier. Riding in the car can be stressful enough, but when combined with the mental connection of the cat carrier and the vet. Well, you can imagine just how much anxiety this causes your cat. The good news is, this can easily be fixed. Simply, keep your cat carrier open and accessible inside your home. Let your cat use it as a place to hide, to sleep or even play. Let them know by leaving it open and available that there’s nothing to fear.

  1. 5. Forcing them to Snuggle

I know, I know…we love to snuggle our cats. They’re so soft and squishy. The problem is they aren’t that into it. And trust me, I’m as guilty as anyone. But as your cat squirms and wiggles out of your grip, it’s best to just let them go. The cold, hard truth is that the more you try to force your affections onto your cat, the more they’ll resist…and the less likely you’ll ever get to a place where they’ll actually tolerate your love. It’s much better to allow your cat to come to you on their terms. Let them be the initiator of affection, and you’ll soon find that they like it more than you think, it just has to be their idea.  

Well, that pretty much sums it up…

And while there are probably a lot more things we humans are guilty of…

…these are the 5 things that we know of that drive our cats crazy.

 How many of them are you guilty of?