15 Strange Things You Never Knew About Cats

If you are lucky enough to be a cat owner, then you already know they can be a little strange at times.

Think about it…

What other creature on earth spits up hairballs, poops in a box and sleeps 16+ hours a day?

None that I know of, yet we love them so much.

And while we do accept them for who and what they are…there are some things about cats that you probably never knew.

Let’s see how many of these 15 bizarre things about cats you already knew.

  1. 1. Cat’s Sweat Through Their Paws

If you think about it, it makes sense. Can you imagine if cats were to sweat like you and me? They would always be soaking wet. So instead they sweat through their paws. They can also cool themselves by panting, as well as by licking their fur and letting it evaporate. If you have a heavy breathing cat, that may not be the case.

  1. 2. Cats Do Always Land On Their Feet

Well, maybe not always, but they do have a righting reflex. When cats fall, they will rotate their heads until they are right side up, next they’ll arch their back and position their legs under them. In fact, cat’s who fall from greater heights often end up with fewer injuries. This is because they have time to right themselves.

A Group of Cats is called a Clowder

  1. 3. A Group of Cats is called a "Clowder."

If you’ve ever wondered what to call a group of cats, they’re called a “clowder”. It’s not as cool as a pack, but nonetheless, that’s what it is.

Purring Can Heal Bones

  1. 4. Purring Can Heal Bones

Did you know that the frequency of a cat’s purr can also create a healing effect on bones? Domestic cats purr at a frequency between 25 and 150 Hertz, which according to Live Science, “happens to be the frequency at which muscles and bones best grow and repair themselves.” So, cats really can be therapeutic.

  1. 5. Cats Can Drink Straight From The Ocean.

That’s right, a cat’s kidneys are much more efficient than ours at filtering out the salt. Not sure exactly why, but I would think there are some advantages to this.

  1. 6. Cats Can't Taste Sweetness.

A cat’s taste buds aren’t designed to taste anything sweet. Poor little guys.

  1. 7. Cats Eat Grass To Help Them Puke.

If you happen to notice your cat eat a mouthful of grass, don’t worry they use it to help them puke. Cat’s are carnivorous, so they lack the enzyme necessary to break down vegetable matter. So, eating a little grass helps rid your cat’s digestive tract of all of the undigested stuff.

Disneyland Employs 200 Cats

  1. 8. Disneyland Employs 200 Cats

Since about 1955 Disneyland has used cats to catch rodents and other unwanted visitors. They are that good.

  1. 9. Cats Bring You Mice Because They Don’t Think You Have What It Takes

As you already know cats are natural born hunters, and it’s in their DNA to help teach their young ones how to hunt. So, when your cat brings you their catch of the day, they are trying to teach you how to fend for yourself.

  1. 10. A Cat’s Nose Is Like A Fingerprint, It’s Unique To Them

Like our fingerprints, a cat’s nose is one-of-a-kind so if cats were ever to have a crime database they’d have noses on file instead of fingerprints. Weird huh?

  1. 11. Cats Can Spend Half Their Lives Grooming Themselves

We all know that cats love to groom themselves, but what you probably didn’t know is that they can spend up to half of their lives doing it. In fact, they are known to spend half of their waking hours making sure they are presentable. And my husband thinks I take a long time to get ready!

  1. 12. Healthy Cats Can Get Sick When Their Routines Are Disrupted.

When it comes to creatures of habit, cats definitely take the cake. In fact, a perfectly healthy cat can start acting sick if their routines are changed or altered. They can vomit, stop eating, start pooping everywhere but their litter box and exhibit a wide range of odd behaviors. If you’ve recently changed anything drastically around your home and your cat starts acting sick, that’s probably why.

  1. 13. Cats Are Either Right- or Left-Pawed.

Cats can either be right or left paw dominant. Most male cats are left pawed and females are right pawed. It’s not always this way, but more often than not it is. If you’re not sure just hand them a pen and have them write their name…(just kidding)

  1. 14. Their Whiskers Aren't Just Cute, They're Essential.

Cats need their whiskers, so NEVER trim them. Whiskers are made up of long stiff hairs connected to the muscular and nervous system of your cat. They are extremely useful sensory instruments and your cat uses them to detect changes in their environment. If you cut them your cat can become disoriented and scared.

  1. 15. They're An Invasive Species.

There are a lot of cats and they are everywhere. In fact, in certain places, they have caused some serious damage to the populations of certain animals. According to The Huffington Post “On islands across the globe, free-ranging cats have caused or contributed to 33 (14%) of the modern bird, mammal and reptile extinctions recorded by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.”

Pretty interesting isn’t it? I bet you didn’t know all of these, I sure didn’t.

So how many of these 15 facts did you know?