10 New Year’s Resolutions For Cat Owners

Can you believe it’s almost New Year’s Eve?

2018 flew by and here we are ready to usher in 2019.

Well, like most people, I’m working on my list of New Year’s resolutions.

Of course, the typical ones are on my list this year, like eating better (I want to try keto) and exercising more. Saving more money and spending less. More kale and spinach and fewer potato chips. More time doing yoga and less time sitting on the couch. More time reading and less time watching YouTube (and that includes all those cat videos too).

But, as ambitious as all of my resolutions are, I have to admit…

I am lousy at keeping them. But I try and I bet you do too.

So, I thought long and hard about what I could do differently this year.

What resolutions I could make that I would actually keep?

And here’s what I came up with.

Why not make resolutions focused on improving the life of my cat, Ziggy.

Now don’t get me wrong Ziggy has it pretty good…but I want to make his life even better.

Because that’s the kind of cat mom I am.

So here are my 10 New Year’s Resolutions that you’re free to borrow.

  1. 1. Keep His Litter Box Cleaner And Fresher

Now I already have this one down pretty good. But if I’m being honest, I can do better. And thanks to lots of new sprays and powders it’s easy to keep the litter box smelling clean and fresh. The real key to keeping the box smelling good is to scoop it daily. Even better, scoop twice a day. And if your cat takes care of business at the same time every day schedule your scooping for right after.

  1. 2. Make Vet Trips Less Stressful

I personally think our vet is very nice, but Ziggy doesn’t agree. So, I thought that this year I would go out of my way to make sure that every vet trip was as pleasant as possible. One way I am going to do that is to make the clinic less frightening by making Ziggy comfy, bringing his favorite blanket so he doesn’t have to sit on that hard steel table and I’m going to take him during off-peak times when there is less noise.

  1. 3. We’re Going To Play A Lot More

As it is, I do spend at least 10 minutes each day playing with Ziggy, but I’d like to up my game. I’ve been reading how playing just a little more with your cat can help curb destructive behavior. Ziggy has a little bit of a scratching problem at the moment, so we’ll see if that helps.

  1. 4. Get Ziggy Used To Carriers And Harnesses

While Ziggy is primarily an indoor cat, he does spend his fair share of time traveling in the car. And every time he does it’s quite the ordeal. So, this year, I’m going to try to get him accustomed to the carrier and see if I can make it a little less stressful.  Ziggy also spends pretty much all of his time indoors, so I want to try and get him used to a harness, so we can go on walks and he can enjoy nature and be outdoors more.

  1. 5. Lose A Few Pounds

I’ve been reading all about how being overweight can be really dangerous for cats. And Ziggy has recently put on a few pounds. It could be the holidays, but one of my goals this year is to get him back to a healthy weight. One of the ways I am going to do that is to pick up his food at certain times each day so that he can’t just graze when he wants. I am also going to make feeding time a game and see if we can trigger his hunting reflexes and make him work for his food a little. I think he’ll like that.

  1. 6. Factor Ziggy’s Needs Into My Budget

Expenses can add up quickly and instead of making Ziggy do without his favorite treats or the occasional new cat toy, I am going to set aside a little for him each month to make sure he has everything he need’s and it doesn’t impact the rest of my budget.

  1. 7. Get Some New Cat Furniture.

If your cat is an indoor cat like Ziggy, then it’s a great idea to get some functional cat furniture to keep them engaged and happy. The nice thing about that is that these days, cat furniture can be very decorative and stylish too. I’ve had my eye on this beautiful cat tower that looks more like a piece of art than a scratching post and I have just the place for it in my living room.

  1. 8. Create A Place For Ziggy To Enjoy His View

Ziggy loves to look out the window, but I really don’t have a comfortable place for him to perch himself and watch the birds. This year, I am going to create the perfect spot just for him.

  1. 9. Love On Ziggy In A Way He’ll Appreciate

Cats are not like dogs. They don’t always like to be pet or loved one as most dogs would. One way I’ve noticed Ziggy does like to be loved on is to scratch and massage around his ears and under his chin. I am also going work on letting him come to me instead of always chasing him around the house and trying to hold him.

  1. 10. Talk To Ziggy More

Cats like to talk and in a previous article, I showed you how to interpret their various chirps and chatter. And what I’ve noticed is that Ziggy likes it when I talk back to him. So, this year, I am also going to take my own advice and see if Ziggy and I can come up with our own little language.

There you have it. Ten New Year’s resolutions I plan on keeping. Feel free to make them your own and I promise your cat will be very happy in 2019.

Happy New Year!