How to Stop Cat Litter from Spreading and Tracking

Cats are regal creatures who know how to take care of themselves. Unlike their canine counterparts, cats remain pleasant in appearance and smell without frequent bathing. Inherently litter trained, you also don’t have to doggedly follow them to make sure they don’t pee or poop in undesirable places.

As majestic and clean as they are, however, there are still some issues that cat owners constantly battle. One of those is litter spreading and tracking.

How to Stop Cat Litter Spreading and Tracking

The Cat-astrophe of Litter Spreading and Tracking

Cat litters are available in an array of materials and sizes. For most felines, the favored choice tends to be fine-grained litter. This may be due to the fact that it feels softer and more natural.

However, this type of litter easily gets stuck in a kitty’s paws and the surrounding fur, especially if it has a longer mane. Consequently, the stuck sand gets dislodged all over the house—on the floor, in dark nooks and crannies, and on your prized furniture.

There are several solutions you can apply to this problem. Take a look at some cat litter mat reviews and see how much those can help keep your home clean. Before we jump to what could be the best solution for preventing litter from spreading let's take a look at some other options:

 Manic Cat Litter Cleaning


Solution 1 - Manic Cleaning

This is the simplest solution. You just have to take out your broom and pan or vacuum several times a day to clean up any mess you might find after your cat went on a bathroom break. However, this is very tiresome and may not be feasible if you are not at home most of the day.

Containing the Cat Litter Box


Solution 2 - Litter Box Cover

Alternatively, you can contain the litter box. You can do this by creating a makeshift fortress with thick cardboard, changing to a covered litter box, or getting intricate cat furniture. All three are easy to accomplish, but all of them also present certain drawbacks.

The cardboard wall may prevent litter from spreading while your feline tries to cover its excrement, but it will barely reduce tracking.

The covered litter box, generally made with plastic, will work better. However, it is prone to trapping odor, if you’re unable to clean it often. This will surely turn off your cat and may even push it to do its business somewhere else.

Finally, the cat furniture, specifically the bench type, is the most effective out of the three. Not only does it contain the litter from spreading, but it also offers better ventilation. The only downside is that it is expensive, costing anywhere between $90 to a whopping $2000 a piece—an amount that is difficult to just drop, especially if you need several to accommodate your cats.

Cat Litter Mat


Best Solution 3 - Litter Mat

Litter mats are our recommended solution for litter spreading and tracking, and it is not only because we are selling them.

An open litter box placed in a key area of your house—not in the garage or a closet—actually helps build your cat’s confidence. This is essential if you want your cat to feel comfortable and, in a way, “own” the house.

Huge mats like the Easyology Pets jumbo cat litter mat allows your cat to do her business without trapping her or burning a hole in your pocket. The size ensures that most, if not all, sand will be caught. Our choice of a fine and modern PVC design also guarantees that the cat will not be bothered by the mat and that any liquid spilled will not seep through.

At the end of the day, all you will need to do is vacuum the collected sand or shake it into a trash bin.

As you can see, you don’t really need to exert too much effort or spend lots of money to stop litter spreading and tracking in your home. You just have to understand your cat better and know all your choices.

Have you used other methods to deal with litter spreading and tracking? Share your tips with us in the comment section below!